16x DVD DL price drops cause domino effect down to CD-ROM



I just posted the article 16x DVD DL price drops cause domino effect down to CD-ROM.

      Taiwan's 16x DVD writer price drops have recently caused a domino  effect on pricing ranging from DVD-writers down to the CD-ROM.   Hewlett-Packard (HP) reduced its 16x DVD writer...
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cool. I am waiting for the DVD burner with 16x for DL before i make another upgrade. I won a lite-on 832S that support DVD+R DL @ 2.4x speed. So far, I haven’t bought or burn a dual layer disc yet dued the cost of blank disc dual layers. they are expensive. But its seem to start dropping it price soon.


DL seems like it’s gonna be a niche for a while yet. IMO the most exciting thing happening now is DVD-RAM being added to more manufactuer’s products.


You know… I personally really dont care about right now getting a 16X DL burner. Hell I cannot get 2.4x media at a decent price. whats the point? Untill manufactuers finally get the price down, people like me see no need for a dvd burner upgrade.


Taiwan market share doesn’t mean world market share for Taiwan makers. The percentages on the DigiTimes news page are just about Taiwan’s domestic market meaning that 40% of ODD units sold in Taiwan between May and June 2005 are likely to be drives at least able to read DVD disks.


@AMDCHIPTROOPER They meant 16x +/- R and DL Support Drives, not 16x DL! And yes, I agree that DL is a complete waste of Money and Time… hardly decent by my standards too!