16x +-DVD burner that can write dlmedia @ 4x


Interesting news!!! According to www.heise.de pioneer will be launching its new burner DVR-A08, which can write +r/-r medias @ 16x, ±rw @ 4x and +r @ 4x!!!, this august in germany. But the most interesting part is, pioneer says that some recent 8x burner can burn as fast as DVR-A08 both inluding dl@4x (i think i remember this lol).

You can read the original post here (german):


HEY I forgot!!! My 812s is an 8x burner :smiley: that means…

DL really isn’t that special. People get all hyped up about DL, treating it like something very mystical, when it really isn’t all that special. LiteOn drives actually handle DL in the same way it handles SL media. Same writing functions, and in fact, a DL write strategy is just made up of two standard SL strategies, one for each layer. And if it weren’t for the fact that there is no 4x strategy, that 4x DL burn with the 812S@832S tried a while ago might have actually produced a working disc.

It sounds like you are saying that as soon as a 4x strat is available (and there won’t be one until there is 4x DL media available) our current DL-capable burners should be able to burn 4x DL with no problems, since they can already burn 8x SL. Is that correct?

I hope it will be truly in August, not to be delayed any further. :slight_smile:

Theoretically, yes, I guess so, assuming that the strat can be correctly implemented and also assuming that the laser has proper power and precision.

I might try triple DL burning sometime, but as I was just going to do it today, one of my server motherboards died though I am not sure yet whether it’s PSU or CPU or motherboard chipset problems or just another component failure. I can try triple only because I have only three DVD writers yet that can do DL writing. I’m considering to have one more GSA-4120B because the price has just fallen to 126K Won, cheaper than ND-2500A.