16x dual layer DVD-recorder roundups @ THG and AnandTech

I just posted the article 16x dual layer DVD-recorder roundups @ THG and AnandTech.

Gil T
Pleasure lets us know that two website, AnandTech and Tom’s Hardware Guide (THG), have both published a
DVD-recorder roundup in which they take a look at high speed dual layer DVD…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9374-16x-dual-layer-DVD-recorder-roundups--THG-and-AnandTech.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9374-16x-dual-layer-DVD-recorder-roundups--THG-and-AnandTech.html)

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Quote: 'We should remind storage buffs that DL media still cost approximately five times the price of single-layer media, so be sure you consider that! ’ I would like to know the store where this price is available! As far as I know, DL media costs at least 20 times the price of SL media.

Whats OC-Freaks view on these reviews???:stuck_out_tongue:

Here in the UK, I’ve seen Ritek DL media sold for £3.87 and the 8x Ritek R03 media I buy is sold at £11.99 (£0.48 each) for a tub of 25, so that makes the DL media 8x more expensive in comparison, so it depends on what price the media was they compared it too. Verbatim DL media is £5.98 a pop!! So going by the R03 media I buy those Verbatim DL are 12.5x more expensive. If they use those new TDK Scratch Proof discs for the price comparison, then at £1.09 each (cheapest I’ve seen in UK) that makes the Ritek DL media 3.5x more expensive and the Verbatim DL media 5.5x more expensive :slight_smile:
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(my) Executive Summary of DL burning: The disks cost substantially more per gig than normal DVDrs, which are argueably still pricey (around $.50-$1.00 per disc for anything with a bit of quality). When you burn a disc (as far as I know) half of the data MUST exist on the second data, so if you burn 100megs, 50megs are on the 1st layer, 50 megs are on the 2nd layer. This is a big red flag because the 2nd layer is EXETREMELY sensitive to errors, if you have something very vital like a backup, a DL disc is NOT reliable enough, continue to use normal DVDr or CDr. Final summary: wait 2-3 years and see in depth reviews of DL and see if the media & drives have improved. On a personal note, I love the fact DL is out and a hot item as the competition is fiece and some customers think DL is superior to normal DVD burners so single DVD burners are dropping in price quicker than they should have. Soon we’ll all be able to own 16x Plextor (or insert your favorite brand here) single layer DVD writers for $99 or less :stuck_out_tongue:
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You can pickup Traxdata DL Media (RITEKD01) discs for £3.18 inc. VAT at Rambox.co.uk. But you need to buy a nummber of them or something else as well to make it worthwhile since the minimum carriage charge is £4.99.

In 2-3 years it’ll all be Bluray or HD-DVD…

What’s this? Liteon didn’t come top! Oh dear…

Ian from CDRLabs has a clear opinion on these reviews: http://www.cdrlabs.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=18064

THG, Anandtech sucks for optical drive reviews. Only good places for optical drive reviews are CDRlabs and CD Freaks