16X DL Burners -- WHEN?

When can we expect burners than can write to DL discs at 16X? I think I’ve heard this Fall but just wanted to confirm.

It doesn’t count when they will be available - what counts is WHEN WILL THAT MEDIA BE AVAILABLE?

I agree as the DL media that is available now, is still too exspensive. There losing profit not me. I can afford to wait for cheaper DL media, but can the companies who make them!!

i have yet to see a reader that can do a 16x DL read let alone a 16x burn…

Thats only because most drives have a RipLock though it is possible to do.

correct me if i’m wrong, but 16x for single layer seems to be some kind of plateau right? No ones making drives past that speed.

Now correct me if i’m wrong, but when they list dual layer speeds don’t they divide it by 2? So a 4x single layer burn should take just as long as 4x dual layer burn?

I could be wrong, but I thought thats how it worked. Therefore wouldn’t 8x be the top speed for writing at dual layer (and the new drives can burn at this speed).

I’d be more interested in cheaper media though. It kind of defeats the purpose when blanks cost 5 bux a piece.

4X Single Layer burn approx 15 minutes
8X Single Layer burn approx 8 minutes
16X Single Layer burn Approx 6 mins

4X DL Burn approx 24 mins
6X DL Burn approx 18 mins
8X DL burn approx 15 mins

I own a 4x, 6x and 8X DL burner…those times are real give or take 30 seconds


I’ve seen scans where it went up to approx. 17x at the end.
But in general more than 16x is not possible with that kind of drives and not to recommend anyway.

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