16x CMC AM3, M01 scans... Help interpret

I picked up two 50 peice spindles of Magnavox 16x DVD+ and DVD- media today for 7$ a peice at OfficeMax. Seemed like a killer deal, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with whatever the media code ended up being.

Well I pretty much expected it to be CMC and it was, DVD-R was AM3, and DVD+R was M01…

What puzzles me is the AM3 burns fine in both burners… I have a Liteon SHW-160P6S (using this for all scans), and an NEC 3550A. The M01 on the other hand burns fine at first, but leaves a trail of errors at the end of every disc, and it won’t complete a scan at the end of the disc. I have to manually interrupt it, and the disc is unreadable at the outer edge. Could this be a bad batch? Should I return these to the store and get the AM3 instead, and will they even exchange blank discs?

How good do the scans look, does it look like acceptable media?

CMC AM3 16X DVD-R (Liteon w/ Online hyperburn enabled @ 16x):

CMC AM3 16X DVD-R (NEC 3550A @ 16X):

CMC M01 16X DVD+R (Liteon w/ OHB enabled @ 8x):

CMC M01 16X DVD+R (NEC 3550A @ 8x):

Love the first AM3 burn, especially for 16x :iagree:

You might want to check the link in DrageMester’s sig about how to correctly attach scan graphs, as some of the info (PIF/PIE max/totals etc) is missing. :wink:

First scan is good, second and fourth scans are bad, third scan is terrible.

Well I confirmed my suspicion… Every burn of the M01 results in a failure at the end of the disc regarless of the burner used. Looking at the disc, once burned there is a noticable physical defect in the outer ring, looks like a dark purple blotch that only appears when burned. It seems to appear in one place on every disc… These are definately going back to the store…

The good news is the AM3 media burns very good on the Lite-on (though the NEC doesn’t burn it worth cow dung), so for 7$ it’s not too much a pain to have to return the defective M01 media for something decent. They have Memorex 50 packs on sale for 12$, last time I bought from there it was Ricoh JPN03… Perhaps I’ll take my chances on that.

Here’s another scan of the AM3 with the Lite-on burner… This is probably the cleanest burn I’ve gotten out of these drives yet… Very good inexpensive media these AM3 are.

My CMC MAG M01 (HP) usually give scans like your CMC MAG AM3, but only if burned with my LG. My LiteOn isn’t too fond of these.

It’s time for me to try some CMC MAG AM3 then, it seems… but first I have to get rid of all that media, including, but not limited to:
75 Verbatim/CMC MCC 004
5 Verbatim/CMC MCC 004 (LightScribe)
20 Verbatim/Prodisc MCC 004
5 Verbatim/CMC MCC 03RG20
20 TDK YUDEN000 T03
3 Panasonic TYG03
58 Fuji YUDEN000 T02
50 Disc Impex Ceramic YUDEN000 T02
7 Panasonic RICOHJPN R02
4 Tevion CMC MAG E01

And there’s some other media (Japanese Maxell, MCC 003, MCC 02RG20, MCC 002 from Singapore and Taiwan, YUDEN000 T01) which I want to keep as in not burning. :bigsmile:

I had some Infiniti CMC MAG. AM3 given to me, I haven’t used much of it. Makes me wish I’d plumped for -R when choosing TDK etc :doh:

My AM3 results from Memorex are similar to your results, but I’ve been unhappy with the results I’ve gotten with M01. While they weren’t as bad as yours, only my HP branded M01 burned well and even then I’d get an occassional disc that didn’t burn very well. Under the Office Max store brand the results were useable but poor. I generally like CMC but their 16x media is not as good as their older media and I would say that if you had to choose one or the other AM3 is a much safer bet, although M01 can be decent under some of the better brands (HP, LG, maybe Memorex and Philips?). Under some of the cheap brands such as Magnavox, Staples, Office Max, etc. store brands and all bets are off on getting decent results.