16x Burner review @ AnandTech - 3500 comes out on top!



Thanks for sharing this with us-

Always knew that my 3500’s were good - and this just reinforces it!!!


This is a very well written article, with much good information. Congratulations to the author and to anandtech!

I hope you’re being sarcastic HenryNettles



That’s good to hear considering those on the fence of which DVD writer to purchase. :smiley:

You are entitled to your oppinion but I would put it this way:

This is a very badly written article, with no usefull information at all. Congratulations to the author and to anandtech!

Sorry HenryNettles, couldn’t help it :slight_smile:

What is wrong with posting a review here? You guys need to quit jumping on people, this is stupid. Everybody knows reviews are BS, (at least I hope so by now), so why is it every review starts controversy? I didn’t bother to read the whole review, but it did have some useful info. They took the drives apart and showed what drives were the same inside. They pointed out the obvious, and didn’t review enough different media, but that should be expected when they try to do that many at once. I don’t like the way the “average burn speed” was used instead of total burn time and quality to score the drives. I still like my 3500a, but that review certainly isn’t why. So, why don’t we try this, post your opinion, back it up with some facts, and let everybody else do the same thing. Sorry if I’m over reacting, I just don’t see why everybody get’s all worked up over a review. I just don’t want to see this get ugly. :Z

I wish I was a hardware reviewer and I had hardware companies sending me gratis. That would be tooo sweeeet. Actually hell with that I want to be a movie reviewer and get screener DVD’s. I think I’m heading a little off topic. AAAAUGH I just rambled on for no reason in this post.