16x burner for a usb enclosure



so based on this…

and the headache inducing hours i spent searching these forums, i’m looking at the benq 1655 and liteon 165H6S

the liteon seems to do better in the ext enclosures, but general reading seems to indicate the benq will do better quality burns…

i was settled on the 165h6s and the cypress chipset enclosure…already purchased the enclosure…but now am doubting my choice… speed is awesome, but i really want the best quality and media compatability…

any help?


The LiteOn 165P6S or 165H6S would be a very good choice for an external enclosure. LiteOn has developed HyperTuning and Online HyperTuning for the 6S drives and the media compatibility and quality, in my opinion, is now better than my BenQ drives. See the Test Firmware announcement sticky thread in the LiteOn forum for the most up to date LiteOn firmware.

My preference for the external enclosure would be the Prolific chipset, as I have always used this chipset and have had no problems using the LiteOn drives in these external enclosures.