16x 48x TSST-H352A won't read past 8x

I have a Samsung TSST-H352A DVD-ROM drive that won’t rip or read at more than 1/6 of its rated speed. I’ve updated to the latest official T05 firmware and double checked the DMA status in the primary/secondary IDE controllers.

My NEC-3500A reads up to the 48x max CD speeds but this dog won’t even hit 8x according to Nero drive speed.

When I’m ripping with EAC the NEC will run over 6x while the TSST only hits 2-3x.

What else can I try before I buy a new ripping drive?

You should use better media.

Some drives have riplocks.

And this drive has one!

Riplock on or off makes no difference. I tried tweaked firmware that removes riplock and region restrictions already. I just put the latest T05 official FW back on just in case the edited T03 was the problem. DMA=2 on this drive.

I also installed Samsung’s ‘Magic Speed Launcher’ and set it to maximum to no avail.

As for the media, it’s factory pressed music CDs that I’m trying to rip onto my hard drive with EAC/LAME.

Edit: I went over to The Dangerous Brothers and snagged their latest TS05 and I’ll try it and get back with the results.

Well that earlier FW apparently didn’t remove the riplock. Must have grabbed one that only took off the region restrictions. Now it’s running 31x and although thats not the speced 48x, I’ll gladly take it. 31x sure beats 8x.

Thanx guys for this site and the prompt to double check the riplock. :bow:

[Problem solved] :cool:

Addendum: It looks like the source of my riplock was EAC in secure mode. The drive remains rip locked <8x even after EAC is closed :a

I figured out the workaround. I just change the drive options to burst mode and then save that configuration with the save button at the bottom of the EAC window.