16H5S written DVD's slow to initialise to menu in players


Until 2 weeks ago I was using a Benq 1620 (it died). I have since bought a Liteon 16H5S everything seems to work OK, but when I try to play the DVD’s in any of my players you can hear the mechanism searching about trying various speeds and positions for about 1-2 minutes (depends on the player) before the menu screen is displayed, everything then plays, searches, seeks chapters without problems.

I do not have this problem with any bought or Benq written discs.

I have updated the firmware to LS0W, tried various makes of media, written at different speeds nothing makes any improvement, the scans in Kprobe/DVD Speed are no worse than the Benq’s.

DVD-R’s are worst DVD+R is better; strangely DVD-RW’s are best!

Do you think the drive is faulty? It is the only conclusion I have come to.

Any ideas?

Which media did you use? Try Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim. :wink:

Also try with LV4D test firmware.

[I]kg_evilboy[/I] Yes I have Verbatim but not Taiyo Yuden, most of my media is Ritek, MMC, CMC.
Don’t understand why the media matters so much if they play and scan well??? :confused:

[I]Cressida[/I] Yes I will Try that, thanks

Sample scan from Verbatim written @ 8X

Hi. :slight_smile:
Which software do you use to burn?

[I]Cressida[/I] :bow:

Many thanks.
I did a search and flashed the drive with the LV4D firmware. Everything now playing OK. The ‘Lead In’ is definately written faster/differently.

I will have to have a good read of the thread to learn about how best to use the new settings.

The scan doesn’t look that different:

Make sure to get the SmartBurn “test version” so you can play with Online HyperTuning. :slight_smile:

If you got this CMC MAG AE1 as “Verbatim”, it is Verbatim Pearl White series. Usually those should be avoided. Get real Verbatim with MCC codes, formerly called “DataLifePlus”.

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I have ‘Online Hyper Tuning’ selected, I presume from the description that this is similar to the writing strategy used by my extinct BenQ 1620?

I am not sure what ‘Disable Smartburn’ or ‘Clear OPC History’ is used for, I will have to do more searches.

I am just happy that my DVD’s now play OK. I now think this writer was a good purchase! :iagree:

Thanks for your help