16H5S scans

Post all your Lite-ON SHW-16H5S scans here. I thought that it is very difficult to find those scans in a thread called 1635/16H5S scans… As the 1635 and 16H5S don’t use the same hardware inside, it is not a good idea to merge threads :disagree:

Here you go:
Verbatim [MCC004], 1x-16x @ 16x

Crappy one, but burned well :clap:
ACRO CIRCLE 1x-8x @ 8x

Second crappy, fake MBIPG:
ACME [MBIPG101R04] 1x-8x @ 8x

What do you mean “fake MBIPG”?

I mean a fake MID, cause it’s too cheap to be Moser Baer India :rolleyes:

Cheap one:
ACRO CIRCLE 1x-8x @ 8x
Excellent results for so cheap media! :bow:

that’s the Burner of my dreams!!! yep :slight_smile:
i’m gettin that one when i RMA another LG :stuck_out_tongue:

I have posted my High Speed ±RW scans in this thread:

My posts are here:

So, i think that this thread is a “double post”. Maybe i’m wrong???

This thread is no double post, cause 16H5S has to have a spare thread, not mixed up with the 1635, as said in #1

I think 16H5s only has lighscribe firmware. I haven’t found a case where the two drives burn differently using the same firmware.

The 16H5S is definetely not a 1635 + LS… lol

why do you say that?

Because it’s a different drive

errr? you lost me. it’s a different drive so it’s different? that doesn’t make any sense. the 1633s/1653s and 1673s/1693s are all different drives, but crossflashing in either direction didn’t change much at all. I don’t see how you can say the 16H5s is significantly different from a 1635s+ LS hardware; at least not without direct proof

You have no proof either, and it’s almost very hard to find the 16H5S scans in this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=157741

So i decided that the 16H5S users could use a spare forum thread to post their scans. Is it a crime?

c0deking cf his q30a->1635S->16H5s is good enough for me. if it can cf, the hardware has no significant difference to me.
I have nothing against you starting a 16H5s thread. that was never the issue. if you want a new thread so it’s easier for you to separate 16H5S from 1635s scans I won’t stop you. it’s no crime. I was just wondering why you thought the 1635s and 16H5s were different, that’s all

As long as chipset is not the same, 16H5S needs a separate thread … You wouldn’t post NEC 3100 and NEC 3500 scans in one forum thread would you? Though it uses the same hardware and can be crossflashed. Huh…

but they are using the same chipset. liteon has always separated their drives by chipset.
It was my understanding that the 3100 an 3450 were the same, but they can both be flashed to the 3500 without all of its functionality.

No, the chipset is not the same.
16H5S uses MT1888LE from Mediatek and
1635S uses MT1888E.