16H5S On Its Way Out?

I have a 16H5S but the last 3 DL discs i have tried to burn on it have given me a power calibration error (was using imgburn), when i click retry then it sits there for a bit longer and then starts to burn. I thought it may be the batch of discs but i put one in my 111 and it burn fine, i mean it could still be the batch but the pio is’nt as fussed. The 16H5S still burns SL discs fine but it takes about 1m 10secs or so to start where as the 111 takes only about 35 - 45 secs. My 16H5S also does’nt always read cd’s when i put them in, a fresh burnt cd and it cant read it, i have to open and close the tray until it finally reads it, i find this strange as i have read meny times that LiteOn drive are very good readers. The read problem seems to have started after a mini cdr spun out into the drive and i had to open the drive up to get it back. The power error has only just started.

Is it safe to use a DVD Lens cleaning disc on it.

It’s likely the mini-cd hit the OPH and this is now out of alignment.

OPH ?? thing is it was burning +R DL discs fine after that happened, its only the last 3 i have tried to burn i get the problem.

CD’s not always reading seems to have start after the mini cd came out though.

OPH as in Optical pickup head, I assume.

Sorry aint check this for awhile. No one else have any ideas ?? i burnt a DL with it today no calibration error but it did seem to take awhile to start just over twice the time my pio takes.

If the laser had been hit/touched when the small disc came out would’nt that then affect everything the drive does.