16H5S and 165H6S

A simple question:
what are the differences between these two drives?

thank you

6s has dvd-ram capable chipset.

Thank you for your answer…

What your opinion about that?

The 16H5S is a great drive the Nec 4551 is a pile of rubbish It shouldn’t be very hard to choose between the 2!

What don’t you like about the 4551? RAM quality? DVD burning? Labelflash? or something else.

That was an excellent, thorough and very well balanced comparison of the two drives. :rolleyes:

Assuming that the 16H5S is more or less identical to the 1635S plus LightScribe (which I cannot guarantee to be true), the LiteOn drive is a much more accurate scanner for DVD media and a much less accurate scanner for CD media. The NEC 4551 burns CD-R media better than the LiteOn drive. Burn quality of DVD media depends on the media and I’m not yet ready to pronounce a winner, but I’m leaning towards the NEC. The LiteOn drive can read some discs that the NEC drive cannot read.

None of the drives are “perfect”.

If 48x CD-R burning is very important to you, keep away from the LiteOn and buy the NEC.

If accurate DVD quality scanning is important to you, keep away from the NEC and buy the LiteOn.

thank you guys for the answers…
the most important thing for me is a good burn of dvd±r discs…
I own a nec 3540 at the moment and quite satisfied about his burns… but for some reasons I have to change it with one of the two burner in subject…

I offer the 16H5S, i own this drive, and have to admit it makes perfect burns bought on DVD and CD media :wink:

My 165P6S makes perfect DVD+R and CD burns on Verbatim discs, and what may also be important, it reads DVD+R at 16x and DVD-R at 12x.

There may be some DVD-RAM problems though. I am currently checking DVD-RAMs on my LiteOn and an LG 4167, but I cannot say yet if it’s a problem of the LiteOn the LG or if scanning DVD-RAM may cause disc corruption.

Wish I could say the same about my NEC !!!

Why do you not RMA the drive?

Wish it was that easy Dee! The drive was brought in Europe and now I’m in Australia and I can’t find any shop that sells Nec. The part of Australia I’m in all the shops sells Lite-Ons, LG, BenQ and Pioneer I can walk into any shop and they will have most if not all of those Brands of drives but can’t find any body that stocks or sells NEC. I don’t think NEC is very popular over here and that is one of the reason why nobody wants to sell them. To send it back to Europe will cost more than to buy a new drive. Always had Lite-On’s and never had any problems with them and for a change I thought I will give NEC a try. Thanks for your suggestion DEE but it’s OK I have a few other drives so it’s not a problem.

Ah! Understood, that’s a pity. I hope you can find some firmware or media that will work well with your drive. :iagree:

What’s your opinion about the two drives Dee? (nec vs liteon)

thank you

I’m an NEC fan, so i think you can guess :D.
But i do like the Lite-On SHW-16H5S a lot, and i think it’s a really nice drive. It’s certainly capable of some very high quality burns on CD-R and DVD+R media.

Actually it seems that it reads DVD+R at 12x, but does read at 16x if the Booktype is set to DVD-RAM.