This is a pretty good burner, i was wondering why Liteon has nothing about this drive on their site and there have never been any firmware updates at all since the first one in Dec 2006? Maybe they want every one to buy their newer drives to get any firmware out of them?


This appears to have been the last of the “real” Lite-On’s (and unique 7S Series drive), before they got “benquified”. The same applies to its twin, the SHM-165S6S, which never received an update either.

I believe the new LH-series firmwares to be made by (former) BenQ and we won’t likely see any updated “Lite-On” firmwares now. We haven’t heard from our Lite-On friends here in almost a year (and their tools haven’t been updated for even longer). :sad:


Thanks, it is still a good burner and a fast ripper, if it bugs me enough then i’ll get a different drive


This drive has been listed for quite some time on the site below.


There are no firmware updates, but as long as the drive’s “smartburn” software is able to develop a proper write strategy for newer media, maybe firmware updates aren’t necessary?


Thanks, i must have missed it, i think it’s a good burner, all the media i have tried have all worked in both my dvd players.


I also have one of these in my tower and it has performed just fine for me once I switched to the beta smartburn module and understood what the settings should look like.


:iagree: :bigsmile:


Since i don’t see my post I’ll reply again, i can’t run the smartburn utility because my computer reboots immediately. It must be a Via chipset situation.