16A7S Dual Layer incompatibility




I’ve been using NEC 3550 for a long time with no problems. I even had +DL media burning fine after a firmware upgrade.
Then i decided to get a sata burner, LiteOn 16A7S
Everything seemed great until I had to burn +DL media. Burned disks would work in my computer and my dvd player, but not in my laptop or my friend’s dvd player, which was the intended destination for my disks. I tried burning using both Nero and DVD Decrypter with not much luck.

Since i need a burner capable of burning +DL media for dvd players, are there any suggestions other than reinstalling my old NEC or exchanging my 16A7S for a different sata burner?



Does the LiteOn 16A7S support bitsetting? If so, did you set the booktype to DVD-ROM? If you’re not sure, open up ImgBurn, set it to write mode, click the little book icon, choose the LiteOn tab, and the rest explains itself.

Burning discs for your friend’s DVD player? I hope that you’re backing up his own collection for him and not violating any copyrights. :iagree:


I set Booktype to DVD-ROM in nero


You can permanently set booktype to dvd-rom in this drive via the Lite-On Booktype utility, in case you have not already done that.
You might also make sure you have the latest Smartburn utility installed and configured properly. Be sure to use the newest “test” version as it is easier to understand the settings properly.


Did you use Dual Layer (-R DL) or Double Layer (+R DL) and which brand?


I’m using Memorex +DL
here’s an important fact: i had no problems with my NEC3550. I was using disks from the same spindle, so the only thing that has changed was the burner


I’m not sure, but with the memorex +dl discs, i have better results on burning them as dvd+dl than dvd-rom.
at least, the 1st i’ve burned had very good results, as dvd+dl, and the second got catastophic results with bitsetting to dvd-rom.


I wouldn’t sign under this. Only the Bitsetting difference during the burn shouldnt make a quality difference.

Memorex DL media is the issue.

Verbatim is the only proven choice.


I would urge you to find a way to get Smartburn working properly on your system before burning more media. It seems to me that Smartburn is the tool which will implement a functional write strategy for media the firmware in the drive is not programmed for.


I too would try Verbatim and avoid Memorex. But that 16A7 may have other problems with dual layer.

I haven’t tried burning any with my 16A7, but I do have a commercial movie dual layer disc. My 16A7 has a very difficult time reading the second layer, and CDspeed using the 16A7 shows a huge amount of errors on the second layer. But my older Liteys find the second layer to be good and as good as the first layer.