1693S stubborn on bitsetting

My first Lite-On, and fifth burner overall. Maybe this is the way they’re supposed to work, so let me know.

It appears the only way to do bitsetting on +R media is to use the Lite-On bitsetting utility? I did do this successfully on a +R SL disk today, but it seems odd that it can be done thru the utility, but not when DVD Shrink is getting ready to burn, or using the “Bitsetting” function of CD Speed. My BenQ 1620 came out of the box w/all 3 flavors of +R set to ROM, my NEC allows ROM on +R DL, and my LG 4163 does it on +R SL and DL.

I’m assuming there’s nothing wrong, and this is just the way the Lite-On works. But it does seem a bit inconvenient to have to remember to fire up the Lite-On utility before burning a write-once disk. I imagine there’s a reason that I just can’t think of, so you guys enlighten me.

BTW, I am using the latest (KS04) f/w. At the moment I don’t plan to use the hacked f/w, if you were going to suggest that–no particular reason, just want to keep it “stock” for the time being (certainly for the first 30 days). :slight_smile:

can you use dvdinfopro to save your dvd+r(booktype:dvd-rom) mediainfo and post here?

Does Nero Burning Rom give you the possibility to do this?


My impression is that once you change the bitsetting to “DVD-ROM” using Liteon’s utility, the drive stays that way, i.e., whenever you burn a DVD+R, it will have booktype of “DVD-ROM”, until you use the Liteon utility to change it back to “Normal” or “DVD+R”.

That’s the way it seems to work with the 1693S that I have.


you just have to set it once. the setting remains in the eeprom even after a reflash.

@ chok0 & jimcpl

As long as the firmware supports it!!!. Recent example Sony DRU-800A (OEM 1693S). Any sort of booktyping would be reset apon tray eject or reboot.
C0deKing at Codeguys came up with the Sony 3S Bitsetting tool to counteract this.

@The Black Wizard
all liteon firmwares support it. noone said anything bout a sony.

It says the attempt to change the booktype fails.

It’s not seeming to work that way on mine. Like TheBlackWizard said, a reboot or tray eject resets it back to default. I just tried this w/the Lite-On utility. I put in a +R disk, fired up the utility, changed the booktype to “ROM”, checked the “Save setting” box, then ejected the disk. When I put the disk back in, it says it’s a DVD +R again. Looking at the disk w/CD Speed’s Disk Info confirms this.

The utility does work if I use it just prior to burning a disk, say w/DVD Shrink, and does come out as a DVD-ROM. But in DVD Shrink, the box under the “Burn Settings” tab, “Book Type DVD-ROM” is grayed out, so Shrink/Nero can’t change it.

I’m not sure what I’m doing different than you other guys, because it doesn’t seem to be sticking for me.

What am I doing wrong?

@ HLMencken

Use DVD Decrypter. Go here for it DVD Decrypter

In DVD Decrypter, click “Tools”, “Drive”, “Change Booktype”, Click “Lite-On”
Follow steps 1-5 in the image.
Check booktype with DVD Decrypter again. Does it say DVD-ROM?
If step 2 says “failed” then select "Drive (For DVD+R/+R DL Media). Continue with steps 3-5.

Ahh! The Lite-On utility wasn’t correctly reporting the change. I didn’t have to do anything in Decrypter–it reported that the drive was already set to DVD-ROM for both the regular drive listing, as well as the EEPROM! listing you showed in your screenshot.

I’m going to burn a disk w/out using the Lite-On utility first, and see what booktype it comes out as. If there’s still a problem, I’ll report back here. Thanks.

Yeah, the Lite-On Booktype Utility v1.3.5 doesn’t work properly for me either


I’m kind of new to this myself, this 1693S being my 1st DVD burner, but I think that when you use the Liteon bitsetting utility, it sets something in the firmware, so that the next time you BURN a DVD, the drive will then write the modified “DVD-ROM” booktype to the DVD.

I think if you just set the booktype in the Liteon utility, and then stick a DVD+R into the drive, that DVD media will still show as a DVD+R until you actually try to burn it. After you burn the DVD media, and look at it, it will show booktype “DVD-ROM”.

That’s the way it seems to be working for me.

I used the Liteon utility to set the booktype to “DVD-ROM” about a week ago, and now, all of the DVD+R that I burn show “DVD-ROM” for booktype after I burn them.



This is what I mean.

My BookType135.EXE Looks Like This :slight_smile:
And It Works On My Real 1693S And 1673S@1693S Using KS04
Even After Eject And Rebooting.

But What I Have Notice Is LiteOn IT KProbe 2.4.3 Now Doesn’t
Support Bitsetting With 1693S Using KS04. :confused:

Okay, confirmed: Even tho the Lite-On Booktype Utility stubbornly refuses to correctly report that the drive is bitset to ROM, I’ve burned a couple +R disks in it now, and they show as Booktype DVD-ROM in CD Speed. I did this without first running the Lite-On utility–i.e. I just ran it once, rebooted, then burned my disks.

@jimcpl: see my post above–#12

@BlackWizard: it is indeed interesting that DVD Decrypter is better at reporting the Lite-On’s current Booktype setting than the Lite-On utility itself. :confused:


Actually, the Liteon utility MAY not be confused. Like I said before, I’m new to this, but I think that there may be two different things (pieces of information) on the header part of the DVD media, the “Disc Type” and the “BookType”, and I think that when you run it, the Liteon utility is reporting the contents of that data from the DVD media itself, and not what the setting is from the DRIVE firmware.

To confirm this, take one of the media that you’ve burned AFTER setting the booktype using the Liteon utility AND burning the media, and put it in the drive, then start the Liteon utility again. You’ll see “Current Disc Type: DVD+R” and “Current Book Type: DVD-ROM”, i.e., the utility is reading that info from the header of the DVD media, NOT from the drive firmware.

I do agree that this is a bit confusing, and Liteon should probably display the “Current Book Type from DVD media” and “Current Book Type setting in Drive Firmware”, or something along those lines :)…



Sorry, but my gripe is the fact that the OFFICIAL Lite-On Booktype Utility doesn’t work with my drive. I know that DVD-ROM bitsetting works, its just Lite-Ons continued effort :stuck_out_tongue: in producing TOP Quality products.

you have to put a blank +r disc in the drive to see the right infos and to be able to change and save the booktype.