1693S@KSOB 6x Burn spd in SP2?

Okay I just updated to SP2, and the older version of NERO 6.2.xx started saying that it was incompatible w/SP2, so I uninstalled it and install Nero Premium and now my Burn speed has dropped from running up to 8x to 6x. I’ve tried 2 burns and both took around 10min, and sustained from 5.8-6x :Z ! I’m not sure what is causing this… Again before on SP1a, everything was fine! I could burn at 8x and see 7.9-8x nearly the whole burn! :a
Also, my fireware is the 1693S.KS0B.patched-cf-fbd
which I have noticed doesn’t burn any faster than before switching to it… I thought it was supposed to burn 8x around 12x times?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :confused:

what brand of disc are you using? can you use cd-dvd speed to do a test burn and post the picture?

Here’s my STUNNING RESULTS (I’ll test a real DVD burn next)

And what happens if you use quality media? :bigsmile: At least, this is a 8x burn. It seems as if the writer reduced speed (6x is the slowest on recent Liteon drives) due to poor media quality in the first burn you mentioned.


That’s a terrible result, but no surprise with that media(code).

So the drive is ACTIVELY reducing speed for better quality? I didn’t realize the drive was “smart?” It’s burnt these discs at 8x before SP2/nero7 upgrade…

I’m runing XP Pro and SP2 with a 1693S fw KSOB and i can burn Verbatmin MCC 004’s at 16X no problems. I agree with the others to get some better media.

Yes, from LiteOns website.
SMART-BURN avoiding Buffer UnderRun Error, Automatically adjusting writing strategy & running OPC to provide the best burning quality

Okay I just burn’t a full DVD in 8:30@8x with Alcohol 192.xxxx, I’ll try something with nero and hopefully my EEPROM media learnt reset was the key! Thanks for the tips

I’m surprised your drive can even burn AML-002. my results with that MID and my 1693s was… well let’s just say I bought a plextor to handle that MID.

WOW, the media is THAT bad eh? Geesh, I knew that stupid sale at CompUSA was too good to be true $10 for the whole spool, haha