1693S burning Verbatim DL MKM001

I bought the 1693 to burn +DL Verbatims and am trying to figure out if I’m getting acceptable scans or should I burn more disks at 4x to let the drive learn the media. I tested a disk I burned with a BenQ 1620 using Nero DVD Speed and also tested with the LiteOn using KProbe2.

does the disk play or if for data does it read all the way with no errors?

if so then dont worry about that one spike

burn one or 2 more to see if they get better

Can you say what software do you used to burn this disc? Nero or DVD Decrypter or other?

I haven’t watched the disk yet, it’s a five hour movie. I used Prassi ONES to burn the disk. I use ONES with all my burners. I will try to burn the movie a couple of more times and hope the LiteOn is learning along the way.

I’m not an expert in dual layer burnings, but it seems to me an error in layer break. Try to do a burn with DVD Decrypter or with the new ImgBurn, from the same author of DVD Decrypter. Many users on the forum says that decrypter is the best to manage layer break on dual layer discs.

I burned another disk last night and these are the results. There is slight improvement but the solid graph after the layer break freaks me out.
I will try another burn with ImgBurn.

Do a transfer rate test, I think it’s the best way to see if it will play without problems

Ow! Nice movie you got there :slight_smile:

The second burn is simply amazing - you shouldn’t have any problems with this disc.

An example of MKM001 burned at 4x using a 3S drive. Regardless of the error spike, the disc still reads fine in the CD Speed scan. (both graphs viewable using the links provided)

Here’s a third burn. Seem’s like they are getting a little better with each new burn, Is it the Learning feature of the LiteOn?
Should I try a fourth?
The only thiing that bothers me is the solid part of the graph.

told u they would get better :slight_smile:

The first MKM 001 my 1693s burned it coastered. Smooth sailing since then.


That’s hella good, except for the layer change. :frowning:

I tried geno888’s idea and converted my Video_ts folder to a ISO image and burned another disk using IMGburn. In the first scan the PI were high but the PIF’s were pretty good. A day later I re-scanned the same DVD disk and the PI were improved and the PIF were the same, the PI spike disappeared.
I did a third scan of the same disk and it was the same as the second scan, PI spike not there anymore. Don’t ask me why.