1693s buffer size?


take a look at the buffer size? i would have thought buffers would get larger not smaller?

lol, the lite-on site is really messed up. just look a t the specs of 1633s…

don’t worry, i think it will have a 2mb buffer, too. and even if not, you can get a 1673s and crossflash it.

I think that the site may be true. With computers getting bigger memory, faster subsystems, and faster and bigger hard disks, the effect of a buffer is being minimized. Also, at 4x burn speed, a 8MB buffer would be empited in roughly two seconds. So the current generation 2MB buffers are emptied in less than one second. So, the bigger buffers really dont make that big of a difference.

yea but aint a bigger buffer size gonna help towards a better overall quality of burns?

Not really. Most drives shut off thier laser when the buffer is empty, therefore saving your disc. A bigger buffer just prevents this, but it really doesnt harm the disc any.

this is some kind of joke right …

1.5mb?? really strange cause it still cause them one chip which die size would be the same and price souldn’t be too much different to 2mb??

Actually, buffer underrun will waste you several sector of the disc. So it may be bad for disc paranoid. :slight_smile:

So is it still possible to crossflash 1673s to 1693s if the buffer size is different? :a

As long as they don’t give 8 mb of buffer, i still hope we can crossflash 1673S to 1693S :slight_smile:

I really hope all DVD burners will have 8Mb buffer like the PX-716. :iagree:

yea you see a smaller buffer would lead to a faster buffer underrun. PI’s would definitely be higher and more frequent.

COdeKing will probably have to change a binary section of the FW, before being able to work on a 1673 without producing coasters.
I think this should be “easy” :confused: for some one who knows where are these digits within this hexadecimal fw. ???

buffer underruns arent really that frequent anymore, though. Like I said, with the faster disk and memory subsystems in todays computers, they can handle it quite efficeintly.

I think that something like Nero Ultrabuffer can help us to solve this, because it can handle another buffer, using up to 40% of our installed RAM, preventing the buffer underrun more time than the installed on the burner…
or I’m wrong?

yeah, thats true. That would help quite a bit. but it can only go up to 80MB. So people with hugew amounts of RAM would be quite dissapointed when they find that out, but 80 is better than 2 or 8. :stuck_out_tongue:

the buffer will be 2mb, i don’t know why there’s 1.5mb on the lite-on site. that would make absolutely no sense.

I agree buffer is not very important nowadays. But I really concern about the crossflashing. Also, 1673s seems more worth to buy as it has larger buffer. (Unless Liteon sells 1693s cheaper than 1673s :slight_smile: )

Just like the green LED, it doesn’t affect the burn quality, it just spoils fun.

Hopefully, it is true :slight_smile:
If Liteon really make it 1.5M, it may be the first DVDWriter in the world with the smallest buffer size.

That sucks, I just got a 1673s drive. And now they just got a new one, with DL-R.

If i used firmware from 1693 on 1673, would i be able to use burn DL-R cd’s?

I just looked again, at the 1693S page on Liteon’s site, and it now says 2MB. Must have been a mistake. :slight_smile:

yes, it will be possible to flash crossflash your drive to a 1693S.

Cool. I’m new by the way, the lite-on 1679s is my first DVD burner.