1693S and bad double layer performance




I recently started using DL discs with my 1693S (KSOB) and noticed that all the discs fail to play properly in my standalone dvd players. Common thing is that playback goes jerky and might stop after half of the movie, so I assume layer change occurs at this point. Media used arer Memorex DVD+R DL 2.4 and Fuji DVD+R DL.
I’ve used DVD Decrypter and Nero 6 (both latest versions) and quality still remains the same. Booktype was changed to DVD-ROM in Nero, Liteon’s own Booktype 1.3.5 would not work (have Nvidia drivers, removed them, program then worked but would not change booktype).

I’m running out of ideas (and discs)…
Ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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Your problem is related to bad disc. Chech the mediacode with DVDIdentifier. You will probably get RitekD01.

Use Verbatim.


Thanks for your reply, jbv. DVDDecrypter showed that the media is the on in question. One more note, I also have a couple of Verbatim DVD+R DL dics, which were burned earlier and they play pretty good. Is it so that Ritek media is not suitable for Liteon burners or is it just bad firmware?



Very few burners can burn RitekD01 with a decent result.

RitekD01 :Z


ok, need to get Verbatim discs…thx again.