1693s and 1673s...?

What’s the exact difference between these drives…?? And which is better one??

1693s is better

  1. Better preformence of read (1673s@KS04 mostly cant ready at 16x =/, 1693s can) look at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=138519 )
  2. Support Double Layer DVD+ / -R9 Recording Function <DVD-R94x 5400KB/sec maximum by CLV> (u can have this whit 1673s@KS04)
  3. newer :S

get the 1693s. it’s newer and i think better than the 1673s.

there were reported some problems with higher readspeed with 1673s@1693s.
with the newest drive you can’t do anything wrong. and as they have the same price (at least here in germany) you should get the newer.

Is LiteOn SOHW-1693s has more features (I mean writing speeds) than NEC ND-3520A?? Forget about the performance…!!

the writing speeds are the same.

Is NEC ND-3540A is available in the USA…??

here you can get the 3520a: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.asp?Submit=GO&Range=1&bop=and&description=nec+nd&srchInDesc=3520

don’t know bout the 3540a as i live in germany.

I can’t believe no one has pointed out a key difference between the 1673 and the 1693…

The 1693 can write to both +DL and -DL disc’s, the 1673 can only write to the +DL disc.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the original firmware that came with the 1673 doesn’t burn to -DL disc, unless you upgrade the firmware.

I think it was pointed out already earlier…

1673S does not support -R DL. But a 1673S can be converted (or “upgraded” as you say) to a 1693S if for some reason you want to burn -R DL (why anyone would pick -R DL over +R DL is beyond me, though).

sorry i made misteak … too fast awnser ofkorz DVD-DL

is there any differance between 1673S and 1693S besides the obvious -R DL support on 1693… basically my question is…

is there any advantages using the firmware for 1693S on a 1673S drive? … cause currently im using the customized JS07 firmware with the read speed tweak @12X and the write strategy tweaks.

thanks alot for your time.

i would use the 1693s firmware, but there is no difference if you don’t use dvd-r9 (who does actually need it?)

to chok0… thanks for your time… so theres pretty much no differance besides the dvd-r9 support then? … like no write quality differances etc?

cause if not ill stick with the JS07 firmware with the 12x read speed and write strategy tweaks… cause 16x read aint reliable on a 1673S drive… correct? … but u can use 16x read on a real 1693S drive… correct?

this is what i seem to see from general reading in the lite-on dvd forums.

i don’t have any of both drives. but as far as i know the real 1693s can handle 16x reading better than a crossflashed 1673s.

as for the write quality, i would use the newest firmware, in this case KS04. i think it’s best for the drive. if you crossflash, use the 12x rs-patch.

I have read some post where people crossflashed the 1673 to 1693 and weren’t able to do some of the things they expected, like faster ripping. I have seen no one who said go with the 1673. As the price is the same the question is answered; get the 1693.

Well, actually the specs say that the 1673 (and even 1653) read DVD-ROM at 16x by default. So I wonder why I have to use the speedpatch for DVD-Video anyway to get 16x/12x reading?

I’ll reflash the stock firmware and see how fast it rips a DVD-Video. Maybe it’s a problem of Omnipatcher, not the drive?! Let’s see.

Because the specs lie. All the Liteon drives mentioned have a riplock with DL media. The reason a 12X or 16X option is included is because some of the drives have trouble reading at 16X and the speedpatch writer was kind enough to include a 12X version to help us out.

Yep, I just checked the original firmware again to be sure. With stock firmware the drive only reads my DL DVD-Video at 8x. So I’ll stay at 12x and eagerly wait for the new drive LED tool to let me chose speed per media.

Codes’ are the best! :smiley:

well the thing is… i already have the 1673S drive… but it’s cool cause i already flashed the 1693S firmware to it, the KS04 version.

so far so good :wink:

on a side note… im not to conserned with dual layer media in general, since it costs WAY to much, it costs around 10+ dollars per disk vs like 40cents-ish for dvd+r disks.

anyone know how reliable newer lite-on’s are for longevity wise? … cause my older Lite-On 24102b drive im VERY happy with i had it for around 3+ years now and it’s still going strong… i dont know much about my drive (1673S) and stuff but the “feel” of the drive just feels “cheaper” (like drive tray ejecting and loading and the tray itself just has a flimsy feel to it) compared to my 24102b liteon drive :frowning: … plus it dont have that black rubber band thinggy (the one for dust) on the drive tray for the 1673S drive like my 24102b drive did… i just hope they aint sacrificing there drive quality to make the drives cheaper :frowning:

anyone have any general comments on the 1673S drive (those who own one) etc ?

they do :a