1693s - 1:08 before burn starts?




I’m new to the forum and have a question. I’ve got a Sony DRU-720a drive which I crossflashed to a 1673s. I’m currently using codekings 1693s KS0B FBDX firmware with great results. I’ve noticed my drive takes .58 seconds to initialize a DVD+R and 1:08 seconds with a DVD-R before a burn even starts. During this “limbo” period I simply see the LED flash and hear the drive spinning up and down. Apparently this is simply the drive getting ready for it’s burn and getting it’s burn strategy ready etc. I noticed this on my 451 in the past as well. I have noticed that my px-708a and my px-716sa Plextor’s start their burn almost right away! This drive has been this way since purchase, so that will rule out any side-effect from crossflashing/patch etc. Is it a characteristic of Lite-On drives? Is there a way of shortening this “dead” time? I thank you for your time and do apologize if this topic has been covered here already :slight_smile: Regards, estranged


this is a problem inherent to liteons. not including the older 8xx series