1693 wont transfer data to hd

I had a ultraAta harddrive and the W2000 Sata in my system when i built it a month or so ago. I replaced the ultraAta with the WD3200 SATA hd and when i started the system and tried to boot with the floppy i got an error msg, “please insert disk”. Then after getting everything up and running, new WD SATA drivers etc, i tried to burn a disk using nero7. after a bit, it locked up my computer. So i tried tp copy\paste files from both drives to both harddrives, and had the same problem. within a few % from starting the download to my computer, my computer locks up. I can open disks, watch movies, play games etc, but i cannot upload or download anything to or from my dvd drives without locking up my machine. I even tried to make an iso with ultraiso, and still have the same problem. I did a fresh install of XP Pro to see if that would heal my problems,but no luck. I am stumped,and any feedback would be appreciated… thanks in advance

my 1693 is a flashed 1673 and i have had no problems with it. I even reflashed it with latest kcb4.

also i replaced the cables but no luck,altho i got thru about 90% of a large file before locking up.


It happened something similar to me.

After installing a s-ata HDD to integrated controller in my mobo, I discovered that it caused freezing of system. After reading in the mobo website, I discovered that was necessary an update of BIOS to enable my mobo to manage latest HDD.

The BIOS update however didn’t solve the problem, and the only way I found to solve it was to disable (there is a dedicated jumper in my mobo) the integrated s-ata controller and install a PCI one. With the PCI controller I have no problems.

Probably you have the same problem with the s-ata controller and the problem is not in the burner, but I’m not sure at all for this, it’s only an hypothesis.

Sorry if I’m wrong :flower:

thanks, Your reply gives me a direction to pursue…:slight_smile:

I have an Asus A8R32-mvp Delux mobo… and i am curious as to what yours is.


Mine is an asus a7n8d deluxe :bigsmile: