1693 & NERO Error



I bought Sony DRX-800UL ~ 1693 last month and have written about 60 DVDs. The first 10 DVDs was written with verification, and no problem encountered, so I started to forgo the veriication to save time.

Just now, I had a fail verification after successful burn. The DVD can’t be read entirely with ‘copy’ from windows explorer. So it’s a defective burn that was reported successfully, and wouldn’t be detected without verification.

I use Sony 8x Media btw. Is this nomal? or should we always verify after burn? I don’t like the idea of burning data and delete the original copy where the success write is not a guarantee of success read.

Any insight?


No, this is not normal. I usually verify the first one or two burns every time I switch to a new spindle of media to make sure that the spindle’s okay, but after that, I don’t verify.

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Could it be because of Firewire? I’m using WInXP SP2 and normal firewire.

Notebook —FW—> Sony DRX800UL —> Iomega 250GB —> Iomega 250GB —> Iomega 250GB.

Today just simple open .rar and extract to the first Iomega 250GB corrupt my HDD. I never had any corruption with HDD before using USB. Using DRX530, the firewire through the DVD can’t do some drive operation e.g. .sfv verification.

Anyone has experience some 1394 issues or where to post this question?