1693 install problem

PC - Athlon 2200, 512MB PC2100, XP home

Old config:
dvd-rom as master, iomega(nec1300)dvd burner as slave on the secondary ide. This has worked fine for 2 years.

I replaced the dvd-rom with a Lite on 1693, set as the master. Firmware KSOA. DMA is on.

Windows recognized the new hardware. I burned 1 Verbatim, MCC, 16X +R using Ulead DVD MF2, and it burned at 6.4X. I burned 1 Maxell, 8X -R, it burned at 3.2X. Note sure if this has any bearing on the problem below.

The screwy thing is that if I attempt to use a DVD+RW disc, the system immeadiately stops recognizing the drive as a writer, and will not allow any more discs to be burned, +RW, -R, +R. It will still play a dvd. The Iomega drive is still recognized as a

DVDMF, DVDecrypter, and DVDinfo, all lose the drive letter as a writeable drive.

In Dvdecrypter, the drive is shown as “[1:0:0] LITEON DVDRW SOHW-1693S” before the problem.

After the problem, the drive is not an option for writing, but for reading it shows the drive as
“[1:0:0] yyyyy…yyy”

I have tried several DVD+RW discs, Memorex 2.4X INFODISC, Memorex 4X RICOHJPN, Philips, etc. At least 6 different brands of disc, same problem. These are all discs that I have burned and reused many times on the Iomega drive.

After a reboot, if I load a ±R disc and open DVD MF or DVDecrypter for burning, I can watch the drive letter disappear as an option when I switch the disc to a +RW.

After reboot, I can burn ±R, but as soon as I put a +RW in the drive, the problem occurs.

I removed the old Iomega drive, leaving the 1693 as the only drive as master, same problem.

I removed the Iomega burning sw, called Hotburn, that I never use. Same problem. I installed InCD that came with the 1693, same problem.

I am leaning towards thinking this is a bad drive. Maybe the laser setting for +RW doesn’t work, but ±R does? ( I also posted over at videohelp.com, so far no suggestions yet)


Remove the InCD program - will cause nothing but problems IMO-

Did you remove the driver for the Secondary Channel in device manager after installing your new drive and rebooting to allow XP to install fresh driver? If not then you should-

Are you using any Roxio program whilst Nero installed? If so - uninstall the Roxio program and reboot-

Also after you do all of the above - check Device Manager - Secondary Channel to make sure DMA is enabled for both optical drives (your 1693s and your 3100 should live in harmony)


I uninstalled InCD. I uninstalled a previous of Nero. Installed a new version of Nero that came with the drive, uninstalled it, same problem in all cases. Not using any Roxio.

I didn’t remove the secondary ide to allow xp to install the driver over. It’s worth a shot. I did remove the 1693 a couple of times through device manager to let xp install it again, same problem.