1693 in external enclosure?

Is there a specific enclosure the lite-on 1693s need in order to work properly?

I was reading over on the benq forum and it seems like the 1640 only works well with the prolific chipset.

Are there any problems with liteon drives using specific enclosures?


If you use it with an ALI chip or an Oxford 911 it will only burn at 8X. If you get the Prolific 3507 it will go to 16X. I am not certain about the Cyprus chip.

Most people just go with the Plumax case from Dealsonic.com. They have two with the Prolific chip.


That looks like the same exact case I already have. It says plumax on the bottom. And the internals are identical.

The one I have came with a NEC 3540 but the NEC went bad. So now im looking for something new.

Is there a serial or something somehwere I can look up?

I dont see anything from the top only a long sticker with a s/n: 002010833 right below the green chip on top.

I turned over the green chip and it appears to have the numbers:


B 04 phi 0512


white Sticker


If you look at the chip you should see Prolific on it and if you plug it in (firewire) windows should identify it as a Prolific.

I edited my post right when you posted this. I think it is the cypress chipset. It doesnt say prolific anywhere on it or in the device manager.

Slight chance would you knowif NEC is the only decent drive that will work with this enclosure?


I am sure other drives will work, I just can’t say that the 1693 will. You should post a specific question asking in the title about this chip and Liteon drives and see if anyone has direct experience.