1673S will write but will not read

Bought a 1673S. I was able to burn CDRs at 40x and DVD+R at 8x with no problems. However, the drive will not read the discs I burned (I get the message: “Cannot read form the source file or disk”)and does not even recognize a store bought DVD movie (I get the message “A disc with an unsupported format in drive L:”). The discs that I burned with the unit read fine in my other DVD-ROM drive. The damn thing writes but does not read.

I’m running WinXP SP2 and have the drive configured as the master on the secondary IDE. Installed with WinXP drivers with no problems. Came with Firmware JS02. I tried to update to today’s release of JS05 but get an error message saying that the flash failed.

Do I have a lemon? Any suggestions before I send it back for a refund/exchange?

@ vblyth
Welcome:). No suggestions…just saying ‘hi’ and that taking it back is a good idea.

Now the question is: Do I send this writer back for an exchange of the same model? Or do I give up on the 1673S and move on to another make/model of dual layer burner?
Any suggestions?

get a BenQ 1620

look like you have brought a bad drive of someone’s refund…