1673s to 1973s using TYG02 AND GSC003

I recently bought a 1673s drive and upgraded it’s firmware to 1693s KS04 and all is fine. While I was at it also in Omnipatcher I changed write speed available from -8 to -16 for both TYG002 and GSC003 id’s. Also ticked ‘deadrive’ fix and ‘increase read speed to 16x’. However when I try burning on above original speed of -8x on both sets of discs they always fail with writing skipping.

Is there some fairly reliable write stratergies or the like to use with these two disc ID’s so I am able to write more stably to these discs with the faster speed?

Just wondering if someone has any advice in this area with experience to the 1673s drives and the TYG002/GSC003 media?

Thanks in advance.

@ ezer
Welcome:). To overspeed media, a common method is to swap the burn strategy for a higher speed media of the same manufacturer. For example, a good strat swap for the TYG02 (8x) would be TYG03 (16X). However, there is no guarantee of good results. As you have found, merely ticking a higher burn speed for the original strategy rarely works well.
You may also wish to do a ‘search’, or check out the strat-swap thread or the media forum for suggestions as well. If you discover a good strat swap, please post your results(and Kprobe scans) in the appropriate thread as that may help others.