1673S/Sony dwd26a not recognising blank media



Hi all.

I have read numerous messages about dvd burners not recognising blank media. The drive plays data, audio, and dvds but will not recognise blanks. I think I have tried just about everything mentioned. Here is what I have tried.

I am using windows XP sp1, gigabyte 915 series mb, nero software.

  • Updated fw from sony dwd26a to liteon 1673S (still works, but no change)
  • Updated nero to the latest version.
  • Updated the aspi drivers from adaptec.com.
  • Reinstalled various copies of XP, to no avail.
  • (obviously) enabled recording in the properties tab.
  • Tried the drive with and without DMA enabled
  • Enabled and disabled IMAPI service in the XP administration tools.
  • Checked all physical connections of the drive. (Secondary IDE, tried both cable select and master jumper. Primary IDE is SATA HDD)
  • I have tried various branded blank media.
  • I also have a sony USB dvd/cd-rw burner MPD-AP20U. It has the same problem, but works in other machines.

Due to the fact that the USB burner functions in other computers, i fear the problem is software related. All the settings say the drive is working properly.

In “My Computer” the drive is listed as a dvd-r drive, however the driver is the standard microsoft cdrom driver. I cannot select any other driver that specifically mentions dvd-r or similar, so I presume it is correct. It is the default driver windows selected.

Whats left to try other than swapping the keyboard and screwdriver for a sledgehammer?



try this:

.update to KS04 firmware: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/1693S.KS04.patched-cf.rar
.get aspi drivers v4.60: http://usuarios.lycos.es/liteonfirmz/utilz/aspi460.rar
.enable dma
.disable IMAPI service
.remove the drive from device manager and reboot


Hey Chok0.

I tried all that you mentioned, even reformatted and started from scratch again and no go. It is a new computer that I built, using the same software I have used on numerous machines.

I am lost for answers here, could the motherboard be an issue?


What is the chipset on your motherboard?


Its a Gigabyte GA-81915P, Intel 915P Express Chipset


One other thing, whenever a blank is inserted it attempts to read with a constant green light, goes silent and flashes green three times, twice. I have searched all over for the blink codes for the drive, but have had no success.


Disable the Intel Accelerator I believe.


The default value for the accelerator is disabled, I haven’t played with that and it has been disabled the whole time. I’ll try with it on and let you know.


neither accelerator on or off works…


What brand DVD’s are you using?


Haven’t even gotten to trying dvd’s yet, amongst other cd-r’s I have tried digitor (which I think is memorex) and LG cds.

Those brands worked fine on the USB burner in other computers, however mine wouldn’t accept them in both drives, this is why I suspect sw or mb issue.


Soooo… its the motherboard? Thanks for your help thus far, I presume I am at the stage of replacing hardware, but which goes first?


Has there been any more on this topic? I’m getting the same issues as theaquarium with the front LED flashing.

Any more ideas???


I have same problem with Sony DW-D26A not recognizing blank CD-Rs. I have a Soyo motherboard with Celeron D processor running Windows XP Home. Motherboard BIOS and operating system are at the latest level. I think the problem is likely with the drive.


I just had a similar problem with DVD-R media. I took it back, and got a shiny new 1693s. And it works just fine.



I don’t know if anyone is still following this thread, but it turned out that my problem was related to my dodgy copy of XP and the fact that I had not downloaded the correct updates from Microsoft since my last reformat. Apparently XP had some issues early on with regards to DVD burners. Hope this helps.


hey have same problem,but it with the DVD-R DL 4x…all other media types are fine…I see green light and hear i spinning then stop and nothing more…that model number# suppose to W/R DVD-R DL…or was i mistaken that it does not support DL???


The 1673s does not support DVD-R DL. It supports DVD+R DL


Servo start up fail! It means servo can’t focusing on or tracking on this disc or something like that. You said this just happend at blank disc, that’s so weird!