1673S Problem

This drive has been acting weird. Sometimes it burns with no problem. Then when burning an image using nero6 it makes like its burning then gives me an error after 100% Then when I look at the disk and it is still blank. I have the JS02 firmware and I am using Fuji 2x. Someone please help. Thank you…

Maverick, I have this same drive, and as yet not had any problems. I have had this happen before with another drive. I suggest the following:

First, uninstall in device manager.
Second, turn off the computer and unplug the drive.
Third, reboot without the drive so that it is not found.
Fourth, be sure to make sure device manager did not find it.
Fifth, turn the computer off, plug the drive back in, reboot, and
with any luck–it will work again.

Sounds like drive conflict, somewhere.

Good luck.

Hey Maverick 923-

Has this drive burned that exact media with good results before ? Some drives for some reason just reject certain media, even burned at a much lower than max speed. You have probably already discoved in this forum that as a rule LiteOns prefer +R media, and higher quality +R specifically.