1673s owner, please help



I gonna buy either 1653s or 1673s.

From the review of cdfreak, it found that 1673s gives c2 errors in CD burning.

Can anyone burn a CDR and do a KProbe scan? I wound like to find out whether it is a bad cd burner, or just an exception.

If 1673s really bad in cd burning, I may consider 1653s instead.

Thank you :slight_smile:


get either the 1693s or a native cd-writer like 52327s.



chok0 couldn’t have said it more perfectly.

I have a 1673S and from what I can tell through alot of testing at JS05, JS07, KS04 & KY01, the drive performs best for me @JS07. The TRUE 1693S is a better drive and should be pretty much the same price.
On the 52327S, if you can still find one of them, do so, because IT IS BETTER than newer Lite-On CDRWs. I had a SOHR-5238S for all of 4 days before I returned this drive, as I was wanting a new CDRW exactly on par with a 52327S so I could shelve my good ol’ faithful 52327S or a “Rainy Day”. I do alot of CD Protection (SafeDisc v3+v4) backups for my friends and I, and unfortunately the 5238S just doesn’t cut it when it comes to this. Sure it may be able to back it up, but I have found that it won’t successfully play back in as many drives as if it was backed up in a 52327S.

Anyway, enough babbling


Burned whit 1673s@KS04 at 40x all read’ed on 32x … if u want i can try other medias and speed’s


That’s what the curve I have with my 1213s(or 1213@1653)! And this is one of the reason to switch to a new drive

I found some interesting point
If I burn the disc by my 1213s, scan with 1213s -> spikes
If I burn the disc by my 1213s, scan with my 24102B(CDRW) ->no spikes
If I burn the disc by my 24102B, scan with 1213s ->no spikes
If I burn the disc by my 24102B, scan with my 24102B->no spikes

I guess, the spikes may come from high speed scan? Bad jitter? or Liteon RW Drive is just a bad CD Scanner?

Also, the review from CDRLabs gives no C2 at all (scan at 32x by 52246S)

Should I get 1693s or a LG4163 or BenQ 1620 if I want to burn both good CDR and DVD+R (mainly)?


You claimed that your 1673@KS04 can copy seveal Safedisc versions, is that true for JS07 too? :cop: