1673s media recognition


I’ve been having some problems with my newly bought 1673s. It can’t read my ridata 700mb cdrs. Also I have bought iomega dvd-rw 4.7 gb 4x and hp dvd+rw 4.7gb 4x, both the drive can’t read.
But my ridata cdrs can be recognized by my ltr-48125w. The ones that I have burned using 48125w can be read by the 1673s.
Why is it that the unburned disks can’t be read by the 1673s but the burned ones can? The player has no problem playing back dvd movies
AFAIK ridata and hp disks are good brands
Should i return the dvdrw drive? or is it really a media problem?


anyone has any answer?

I finally fixed the drive.
I used the eeprom utility to reset the learnt media and everything seems to be working fine now.

Do you guys have any idea of what might have been the problem?

In case you use ANYDVD, disable it. If you use XP, make shure the windows burning engine is disabled.

I only use nero for burning discs.
If I disable the burning engine wouldn’t I be able to burn?

@ Xeth
ala42 is referring to disabling the ‘IMAPI’ burn engine in ‘administrative tools>services’. This is windows native packet-writing software and it can cause conflicts of this kind.