1673S: MCC 003 @ 12x or 16x

Drive: Lite-On 1673S
Firmware: JS07

I’ve been experimenting with Omnipatcher for a while now, trying to swap strategies for MCC 003 (rated 8x, Verbatim:Taiwan) to get it to burn at 12 or 16x on the 1673S. Is there anyone out there who’s had success, meaning <= 248PIE/4PIF quality???

I didn’t save any scans, but here are some strategies I’ve tried. :

MCC 003 @ 12x = OK-BAD 793PIE/10PIF, 230.12Eavg/0.86Favg

MCC 003 @ 16x = CRAP! 1761/426, 330.15/28.35 : coaster, didn’t finish reading

YUDEN000 TY02 @ 16x = CRAP! 1613/221, 539.70/92.65 : coaster, didn’t finish reading

MCC 004 @ 16x = BAD 1103/27, 91.92/0.63

I burned 2 or 3 copies of the same movie (Lost in Translation) for each strategy tried, and the posted figures are the average for that strategy.

Please help! I’ve used up like 10% of my spindle trying to speed up this media. I don’t want to waste anymore discs. If anyone out there has done it, please let me know what you did.

bad burns … nothing else

Get rid of the Liteon and get a NEC 3520, it will burn those at 12x with stock firmware.

Maybe I got lucky with my media. Or maybe I got lucky with my drive. Or both. :slight_smile: But earlier today, in the thread about changing write strategies that is at the top of this forum, I posted a scan of MCC003 burned at 12x using the MCC004 strategy. I burned it with a Sony DRU-720A, fw JY03 and scanned it with my old LiteOn 1653S, fw CS0P.

I also get pretty nice results with MCC004 @ 16x with the original JY02 firmware (scan attached to this post).

I did both of these burns with my drive’s original EEPROM because I don’t trust the learning system. I backed up my EEPROM immediately when I got the drive and restored it (not learn reset) right before both of these burns.

I hear from OC-Freak who says he’s been playing around with some newer test firmwares that the problem with MCC004 got fixed in a newer unreleased firmware. I’m a little surprised that MCC004 burnt so well with JY03 in the previous post, but I haven’t tried that firmware yet… maybe I should. :wink:


Trying various strategies unsuccessfully can easily trip up the learning process and cause problems that way. Do you have an original backup of your EEPROM? Maybe loading that EEPROM might help. If not, then maybe you should try a reset-learn. And maybe JY03 might help, based on the results in the previous post. shrug


Not very helpful or on-topic if the poster already has a Litey… but on that note, there’s another drive that can burn them much better/faster than the NEC could ever hope to with the stock firmware… hint, it start with a “B” :wink:

Here’s some more info.

-discs are etched ZD1331-DVR-X47B (so NO, they are not fake MCC 003)
-posted results were from the 1x scans; the 4x scans look a little worse
-media learning = disabled w/ Omnipatcher
-EEPROM learn reset with every firmware flash
-reading speed set to 16x w/ Omnipatcher
-burned with Nero

I’ve also recently noted that turning SMART-BURN off in Nero reduced errors but not significantly (still getting bad burns). Has anyone else noted this?

MCC 003 -> MCC 004 @ 12x = SUCCESS!

Heh. My NEC 3540 surprised me with great scans of a 12x burn using a modded FW when scanned in my new 1673s (To 1693s). Low low PIE and PIF.

I like the Litey mainly for the scanning not the burning at the moment.

how’s the read curves?

I kind of don’t want to settle with 12x–at least not one with an ugly scan like the one I posted.

Any 1673S owners got this thing up to 16x yet?

my 1633@1653 is excellent with MCC003 media with all firmwares, but bad in MCC004 with firmwares above CS09.

i tried burning MCC004 at 12x, and it had high errors, and even got CRC errors when reading, at 16x it had lower errors but still much higer than MCC003.

i’ve glad liteon is making a new firmware with better MCC004 writing, can’t wait to use it…

Way off topic, sorry all Lite-On friends but code65536 “is asking for it…” :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hint.
Here and here are mine recent burns with MCC003 @ 16x…
Fastest burn time sofar 5:20 :smiley:

Wow, I take my hat off to the drive that starts with “B”, for those burns of MCC003 :).

Great!!! Thanks to you BTC will sell a lot of their drive now :stuck_out_tongue:

“B” Drive = BTC?? :confused:
I think it should be “BxxX”

bichonn is just joking…

Hint 2:
There Also Another Drive That’s Not A Lite-On That Starts With L That Burns MCC 003 At 12x At Default. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hint 3:
There Also Another Drive That’s Not A Lite-On Or A BenQ
That Starts With L That Burns MCC 003 At 12x At Default. :stuck_out_tongue:

Datasafe MCC003 @ MCC004 burned at 16x on NEC 3540. Scanned on both drives to be fair.