1673S - JS07, to 1693S

Hi all

I’m new to this i have a 1673s is it worth changing the firmware to the 1693s if so how easy is it to do, is it just a case of downloading the 1693s firmware from the liteon site and useing it.Any help would be great :bow:


just download this firmware: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/1693S.KS04.patched-cf.rar

unpack and apply the file without “sony-id” in the filename.

Thanks for the reply but is it worth changing the firmware also i’m a virgin at this i don’t really know how / what i’m doing.

good question ukuser,I would like to know that too,I will watch to see if you get an answer.

They are basically the same firmwares, so there is no real advantage to changing to KS04 unless you want the 1693 drive name, IMHO.

Thanks for that i don’t really need the 1693 drive name so i’ll stick with the 1673s JS07 firmware. Whats in a name not a lot it seems.

Actually, loading the 1693 firmware on a 1673 enables DVD-R DL burning on a 1673. But then again, I don’t know if there are any -R DL DVD’s out yet, so it may be a moot point anyway.

no, 1673S JS07 has DVD-R enabled! the firmwares are internally the same, but with different drivenamestrings. so there’s no need to crossflash. maybe later when newer firmwares will be released.

You mean -R DL!

I dont think so. It doesnt show up in DVDINfo Pro and NeroInfoTool.

You only have to compare the two bin files to see that there are a lot of differences between JS07 and KS04. Even though the -R DL media code is listed in the JS07 firmware the firmware will definitely not burn this media. The next release of OmniPatcher will show this media code (because it’s there) but there will be no burn speeds allocated to it. :wink:

Thank you again!!!