1673S JS02 vs. JS07 Scans opions?

Newbie here, wanted to see if my drive could benefit from a updated and patched firmware.

My drive came with the JS02 firmware, and I updated it with JS07 and patched it with OmniPatcher (Only appied the media settings.)

Seems like JS07 is better on this drive. :slight_smile: Needs more testing of course…

Thanks for all the great work on these firmwares! :bow:

BTW. Burn at 8x speed.

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the results. :slight_smile: Just one request… could you set KProbe to perform the disc scan at 4x in the future? LiteOn drives seem to report errors accurately only when the scan speed set to a CLV speed like 4x, so that’s what most people end up using as the scan speed.