1673S is £10 cheaper than 1693S - which one should I get?

Some say there is a big difference between the 1673 and the 1693. But some say the hardware is the same. Should I get 1693S or should I get 1673S and flash it with 1693S firmware? (suppose I don’t mind about the warranty)


Look some other stores!!! They are usually about the same price!

Yes. But the problem is the shipping cost. Amazon UK has 1673S for £30 with free shipping.

I baught mine in a retail store 43€ which is about the same price as yours. Don’t you have a retail store near by your place? Ordering through the net for one article is not always a good idea.
Some people have reported that a 1673 crossflashed 1693s doesnot work as well as a true 1693s.
Anyway the only difference between both seems to be the -R capability. Which means 2 media codes ?! So if you get a 1673S is it worth crossflashing it?

Hi :slight_smile:
For the sake of £5 inc p&p you could get the 1693S from Dabs no need to crossflash, thereby keeping warranty & as already pointed out in another post somtimes the crossflash approach doesn’t seem 100% effective.
Try looking at Amazon again they’re listing 1693S from £35.54 with free shipping.

My 1673S seems to work as a 1693S without problems… I wonder how the rate bad 1673S@1693S will compare to the rate of bad “true” 1693S because only then it be determined if there is systematically a difference. I’m not quite convinced of it yet, to be honest.

Hi :slight_smile:
The £35.54 1693S is black. I’d be interested if it was £30. Else, I’d better get beige from a local shop at £40, with ease in case of RMA.

The real question here is: Does 1673S@1693S perform as well as 1693S. If yes, then I’d get £30 1673S. If no, then I’d get £40 1693S.

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m not one to disagree with code65536 as I’ve not got a LiteOn in any shape or form. So you could follow his suggestion & go for 1673S.
The 1693S at Dabs is biege & only £5 difference inc p&p.
So I was simply implying if there’s any doubt then I’d go for the 1693S. No need to crossflash no problem with warranty.

N.B. I couldn’t be sure if Amazon drive was oem or retail, as Dabs is oem.

Cheers, zebadee.

Just to add more info here. I’ve just flicked through a few 1673 and 1693 threads and found at least 4 or 5 people with positive comments about 1673S@1693S and/or good scans of discs burned by 1673S@1693S. I have yet to find a negative comment or a bad scan.

Look 4 another shop… at Poland Shop’s price is same

Situation here in South Korea is:

1673S: 49,000 Won (Retail Box)
1693S: 59,000 Won (Retail Box)
1635S: 65,000 Won (Retail Box)

BenQ DW1640: 50,000 Won (Bulk)

If someone can get a bulk Lite-On 1635S from a major importer directly, I’m sure the price could get down to as low as nearly US$30.

That is £26, £31, £35, and £27 respectively. :slight_smile:

Same as in England. ~£30. Excluding shipping.

But without tax, credit card fee, shipping… :slight_smile:

DVD+/-RW LiteOn SOHW-1673S OEM 179zł ~ 30 £
DVD+/-RW LiteOn SOHW-1693S OEM 179zł ~ 30 £

DVD+/-RW NEC ND-3540A 16x silver OEM 189zl ~32 £

DVD+/-RW LG GSA-4163B OEM 199zl ~ 33,5 £