1673S - Faulty DVD Movie Playback Problem

Hi people,

A few days ago I purchased a SOHW-1673S04C Liteon DVD burner.

I can burn CDs and DVDs with it fine, but it has a DVD movie playback problem.

What happens is when I play a DVD movie in the drive, the movie starts in the middle and plays (it does this straight away, playing the movie at a point halfway through the movie - doesn’t go to the title menu even though I have never played the movie before (i.e. so it doesn’t have a restore point).

I cannot even go to the beginning of the movie: even if I go to scene selection and choose the first scene, the movie just goes to the middle of the movie again - the same part of the movie it starts at every time.

I have used DVD movies from different DVD regions and used both PowerDVD 6 and WinDVD 6 as the software player, and both experienced this same problem.

I have a Intel 3gig chip, 1gig ram, running Windows XP and this is a freshly install HDD.

I have not flashed the DVD drive (it has the firmware installed that came with it when I purchased it ‘JS01’).

I have looked, but there doesn’t seem to be any new firmware released for this drive.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


PS If you think the drive may be a faulty unit and should be returned, please let me know.

@ Dazz7
That is a strange problem…does it do this with pressed(commercial) dvd’s and/or burnt dvd’s? If it does this with pressed dvds, are they DualLayer? Does the play begin at the layer break(in other words…it only plays the second layer?) Can you try the burner in a different computer to see if it exhibits the same problem? That will tell you if it is the drive or your system. Maybe just removing it and reinstalling it will help. I would recommend NOT flashing with any other firmware as it may be defective and you may have to return it.

Hi please,

They were pressed dual layer disks. I reseated the drive tonight and that seems to have done the trick! Plays movies fine now. A loose connection seems to have caused a very weird effect. I have tested the drive with half a dozen pressed DVDs all dual and work fine.

Thanks for your input.