1673s drive light does NOT turn orange

Here is my problem

Patched the js05 firmware through the omnipatcher for faster read speed 12x and flashed my drive.

And now it burns fine but the drive just flashes green while reading and burning unlike my 832s which turns orange while burning :rolleyes: .

I reflashed using the official JSO5 , but still the same problem. Although the problem is cosmetic, I was wondering if anyone else had this issue or is this by design.

Also my DMA access for this drive is set at UDMA66 :bigsmile: witha 80 pin ribbon cable. Most of my other drives get only UDMA33. Just wondering.

Thanks in advance,

My 1673S also has only a green LED for reading and writing. I have a feeling this is the way it was built, as it would be a little cheaper to make that way. I miss the two color LEDs too, but I guess it’s not the end of the world…

Thanks Vratar. Appreciate the reply. :slight_smile:

there’s only a green led in the 1673s.

Actually the 1673s had a tricolor LED, but Sony has decided that after the 832s, all newer drives will only show green, however, there are patches (except for the 1673s) to have both green and red.

Thx for the replies all.
Jake I’m a little confused here. I thought Sony rebadged liteon drives? Does liteon use sony chips? Sorry abt the noob questions. Maybe one of the many talented here could make sucha patch for the 1673s.

a patch for the 1673s is impossible, bacause there is NO bi-color led in the drive. it’s only a green led.

lite-on uses mediatek chipsets. sony rebadges liet-on drives, but with very custom firmware. all sony firmwares have only green led light. lite-on decided to make it like sony and removed the bi-color led from the newer drives.

Sony makes the guts for the liteon drives.

Well who is right here Jake or Choko? Jake what do you mean by “guts” of the drive?

look at this pic: http://club.cdfreaks.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=26795&stc=1

there’s a green led ONLY! so it can not flash red/orange.

if you want to change the green light behavior, just wait for C0deKing’s ledfix-tool, will be released soon.

And the winner is …chok0 :D. Thanks for taking the time to answer my curious queries. much appreciated.

Actually it is a TRICOLOR LED with the red/orange disabled thru firmware or Emprom. Mine briefly flashed red at the end of the firmware upgrade, so RED is still there.
The insides are made by SONY. Check out a pic of the circuit board of a 1653s. Check the upper left corner and you will see ‘SONY’.

Jake looks like the 1673s does not have a tricolor led. Tri color led have a clear plastic/polymer casing versus the green casing as shown by choko. Also read the thread pointed out by him. Codeking (guru) on these forums acknowledges that it is indeed a single color led. So at this point in time I do believe that it is a single color LED short of opening up my burner :D. Thanks for all the input though.

Ok, cool!

if a led flashes green, red and orange it’s a bi-color led! because the orange light only lights up when red and green light up together.

all drives, 401s to 1653s, have a bi-color led. the 1673s (and i think all newer, too) has a green single-color led. in the 1633/53s firmwares red/orange is disabled in firmware, but c0deking is about to release a patch tool for this.

Same as the Memorex Dual Layer DVD±RW Writer (SKU: 32023292) which is a rebadged 1673s(3). Only in the Memorex drive it’s a ultra bright blue LED. It’s the same annoying blue LED used in the 5XXX series ReplayTV units.

BTW: The Memorex crossflashes perfectly with the JS05 FW.

I just wonder how much bucks Liteon can save from just a bicolor LED.

But it spoils much fun to burn DVD.


a buck three eighty!

green single-color LED: ~ $0,50

bi-color LED: ~ $0,90

lite-on gets them much cheaper, because they order a few thousand pieces. if lite-on gets the LEDs for normal price, they save 40 cent with each led.