1673s doesn't like memorex cdrw

bought a 5 pack of memorex ultra speed 24x cdrw. burn seems fine no errors etc… while burning. when i try to boot off any of the 5 i get errors indicating data corruption. if i burn the same iso files from a different burner all is well. the images are linux livecds and a solaris install. using js05

cdrecord -atip dev=ATAPI:0,0

ATIP info from disk:
Indicated writing power: 6
Reference speed: 0
Is not unrestricted
Is erasable
Disk sub type: Ultra High speed Rewritable media (2)
ATIP start of lead in: -11744 (97:25/31)
ATIP start of lead out: 359848 (79:59/73)
1T speed low: 16 1T speed high: 16
2T speed low: 8 2T speed high: 24
power mult factor: 1 4
recommended erase/write power: 3
A1 values: 66 18 B8
A2 values: 38 80 00
A3 values: 04 CF 88
Disk type: Phase change
Manuf. index: 40
Manufacturer: INFODISC Technology Co., Ltd.

noone likes memorex cdrws. they are worst piece of junk i ever saw. i bought 2 pieces and didnt manage to burn them at any speed - neither 24x, nor 16x nor 10x. they allways ended up with loads of errors towards the end. i tried that with numerous different drives…

Memorex 24x CD-RW: Problems with all drives, C2 errors always reported when reading back the disc.
Memorex 12x CD-RW: Decent discs that should work fine on most writers.
Both types made by Infodisc…

I have had problems with these ever since I bought them…actually went back to the 4x when I really needed CD-RW

they burn fine in my Samsung SW-252F

then you dont have the 24x ones, cause they cant be burned at 4x