1673S dead: shoud i buy a new SATA or PATA drive?

Hi all!
After some discs my Lity dead due to max write speed between 1.7x and 2.4x :sad:
Now, i’m looking for a new LiteOn drive but i have some question about performance and interface:

[li]Are the PATA xxA1P models better than SATA 16A7S?[/li][li]Shoud i buy a faster PATA drive instead of a SATA slower?[/li][li]What’s the drive can give me best write quality? xxA1P or 16A7S?[/li][/ul]I’ve read that 20x SATA drives will be released in Europe at end of Febraury but i can’t stay so much time without a burner :smiley:

Thank you in advance… :bow:

Hi [B]Fuzzo[/B]!

As a replacement drive for an existing system you can go with PATA, but in a new build belongs a SATA drive. The days of PATA are over and there’s no place for those ugly and cumbersome PATA cables in a contemporary PC. As for your choice between a faster PATA or slower SATA, that depends on what you expect from it. The burn quality will depend more on the specific drive you get than on the model you choose.

Thank you for answer!

In your opinion, should i buy the 20A1P or 16A7S considering burn quality?

If you want my personal preference, it’s got to be the SATA SH-16A7S. It works well with my nForce3 mobo. I had to buy 3 LH-series drives before I got a keeper, but you could get lucky (and 20X burning is nice as a sport, but not for daily use) :wink: .

Funny i’m on my 3rd LH series now and (knock on wood) finally got a good one so far. I’m not to much on 20X burning but seems all mfg’s are going to release 20X drives. I wanted to give DVD-RAM a try also but they have not arrived in the mail yet.

I don’t like the PATA cables so I bought the 16a7. I don’t intend to buy any more PATA.

I don’t know how this drive compares with the 20x. Does anyone know?

I even had to buy a PCI to SATA card because the two on-board SATA ports are used by my hard drives.

20x speed isn’t important to me. I don’t burn many discs and I still haven’t bought any 16x media. I suppose I will when my stock of 8x is gone, but that will be a while.

Are you saying your drive still works but burns at 1.7x to 2.4x? Maybe the problem isn’t with your drive. Are you stuck in PIO mode?

Great idea!
The IDE channel was in PIO Mode but i don’t know why :confused:
Re-installed IDE channel and my 1673S reborn!

Thank you very much! :bow::clap:

The LH-20A1S could be also an option the next days…

Congratulations. If that '73 is as good as a '93 you better hang on to it. :slight_smile: