1673s crossflashed to 1693s better CD Quality?

I crossflashed my 1673s to 1693s (KS0A, thanks C0deKing) and I have noticed and Incredible difference in CD burn quality at 48x.

I have loads of HP CMC 48x that burned like crap at 48x with the 1673s, C2’ errors in the 100’s.

I couldn’t even burn 48x Fuji TY at 48x without C2 errors.

Has anyone else noticed this??

Both disks created with Nero Create Data Disk

First scan is a CMC 48x @ 48c

Second scan is Fuji TY 48x @ 48x

What firmware were you using with 1673S before crossflashing? My 1673S had no problems since JS0B!

JS0C, I never used it much at all before that for CD burning and never scanned any disks.

After JS0C I started scanning some CD’s then I noticed it.

Could be a fluke I guess.

I get best burns with Verbatim CDR’s - TY are also good but have slightly higher total C1 errors.
Here’s some pics of Verbatim CDR (52x approved) burnt @ 48x with Nero Create Data Disc - scanned with Nero & Kprobe. Note that max speed did not quite reach 48x although set for 48x burn.
Both the 1673S & LG burn CDR’s better than a CD Burner I have :clap: