1673S - All my burns don't work in Sony DVD player now - what happened?



Ok, this is weird. I have about 40 burns of backups I’ve made of my kids movies. When we buy a new movie, I typically make a copy and use the copy, saving the original. The kids have a habit of destroying discs quickly.

I have a Sony DVD player, capable of playing all format of DVDs. The DVD burner is a 1673S running the latest firmware (JS0D I believe, but not sure, I’m not at home). The media is Verbatim DVD+R 16x (95033) discs, and a few others I used to use. The Bit Type is DVD-ROM

All of a sudden, the player has stopped playing these discs. When playing, it just freezes and various times and can’t continue. Regular production DVDs still play fine in the DVD player. I tried making new copies, and it’s still doing it with the new ones. I guess it’s possible it’s the player, but if players are as finnicky as I’m experiencing, this seems to be more of a pain than it’s worth.

Is there a way to test out the discs to know if something is going wrong with the burn? Should I run something and post it here?

Thanks everyone, I’d like to get this resolved so I can avoid having the kids use the real discs, and I’d hate to think the DVD player is hosed all of a sudden. It’s a fairly new machine.

Thanks again.


Nero CD/DVD speed is a free utility that will test a disc for errors, provided your drive is supported. It can be downloaded at http://www.cdspeed2000.com/


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I thought that’s where I put it, but I see I must have put it in the LiteOn DVD Recorder forum, sorry about that!

Now back to testing the discs for errors. What’s a bit weird is that these discs all worked for so long. If a DVD players bad, could it still play regular discs, or if something goes, does it usually just go hard?



If a DVD players bad, could it still play regular discs,

I guess so. That’s what most old CD’s drives do when they’re on the way out. At first they start having problems with CD-RW media, then thay start having trouble reading CD-R media. Reading of original pressed CD’s is usually the last to go duff. It’s possible the players laser is on the decline.

Test your burnt DVD’s on another player and also do a quality scan test using Nero CDspeed.


Thanks. I did test another machine and it seemed fine. So maybe it is the player.

Here’s the result of a test of a disc, Verbatim 16X media.

I have no idea what this tells me though, in terms of if the measurements are high, low, whatever. Any help in deciphering it is appreciated.


Maybe the standalone itself has to be cleaned using a Lens-cleaner?

At least worth a try. I would try with a DRY cleaner first.


First of all, you should scan at 4x, the forum standard for these drives. A disk is considered good when PI=<280, and PIF=<4. So your scan is within specs. But scanning at 4x will show lower PI’s and PIF’s. The lower the better, and I think it will show that it’s a perfect burn. So I think your problem is your standalone and indeed it’s worth a try to follow chef’s advice to clean the lens. Let us know if it helped or not.

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Thanks Guys, I appreciate the help.

I have tried a lens cleaner, and I also did a “Factory Reset” on the player. No help really.

But…for discs that are having problems, I made new burns, and the new burns are fine. Maybe there was just something off with JS0D 1673 firmware that this player was sensitive to? I upgraded to 1673@1693 KC4B for these burns, and it seems to be making a difference.

It’s just weird that the player was fine with these discs for a while, so as someone mentioned, maybe it’s going slowly.

I only dabble in DVD burning, meaning I keep it simple, but I’ve been surprised at how finnicky the technology can be.

I’m wondering if upgrading from my 1673 to a new 6S drive would be a good idea. They are cheap enough now. I’ll post a 4x scan of a disc burned with KC4B tonight.