1673s @ 1693s

Actualicé la LiteON 1673S @ 1693S con el firmware parcheado, y parece que todo OK, pero si una vez actualizada, le instalo el KS04 ORIGINAL, el led verde de la unidad parpadea constantemente. Parece funcionar bien, pero la luz parpadea.

¿Qué pasa?

Ahora volví a meter el KS04 parcheado.

My 1673S was updated @ 1693S with the patched firmware, and I think it run oks, but later, if I install the ORIGINAL KS04 from the LiteON website, after update the unit with it, the green led is always blinking. What happend?

I thought that now the unit was a “real” 1693… but :confused:


(Sorry, my english is very bad :S)

EDITED: Other thing… at hardware level, are the same machine 1673 and 1693?

you don’t need to flash another firmware after te patched one.

just flash with this crossflashing-patched one, thats it: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html#SOHW-1693S

chok0 is right
u cant flash 1673s whit pure FW from 1693s… u need FW (made to be availble at other devices like DRU-720a, DRU-800a, 1673s) click on the like which chok0 post … this is the FW u are able to flash 1673s

Yeah, I’ve intalled the patched firm, but, if the machine is the same, why the original firm from 1693S doesn’t run ok? With the original firm KS04 the led is always blinking.

Thanks (i’m sorry, but my english isn’t very good… :S)

the led is flashing because of a protection to prevent crossflashing in the original firmware from liteon. the patched firmware has this check disabled/removed to allow the firmware to be used with 1673s/rebadged drives.

Hi all, I read the all the posts in the forums about this subject I could find and I still need a little help if someone is willing. I also read through the omnipatcher readmes. First, I have the Sony DRU-720A and I am going to flash it with the 1693S.KS09.patched-cf.rar file. I loaded this into the omnipatcher and selected recommended media tweaks. Which of the read speeds do I increase to 16x? The DVD-ROM/5 is already at 16x, do I increase the rest of them (DVD-ROM/9, DVD±R, DVD±RW, DVD±R9)?

Also, omnipatcher is asking whether to change the drive ID and it reports the drive type ID as SOHW-1693S LITE-ON. I have the DRU-720A, is the drive already reading as the SOHW-1693 LITE-ON or is that what will be written (the information in the current Drive ID information box).

Thanks for any help.

Can anyone help me?

you can change the drive id to everything from the list. increase the readspeds to 16/14/16/16/12

and enable crossflashing!

hi, thanks for the reply. Is there any problem with making DVD/09 at 16x read instead of 14x?

Just test it! If your drive shows errors, just set the read speed to normal again ^^