1673S@1693S - Limited to 2.4x in Nero


I just received my Sony DW-D26A and flashed it to 1693S firmeware using the crosspatched 1693S firmware available.

In nero, the maximum DVD burning speed (without the media) is shown as 2.4x. I have verified that the DMA is Enabled and being used, also verified that microsoft IDE drivers are being used, also tried making the DVD-RW drive Master, also tried the drive in other computer as slave. no difference - same result of 2.4x max speed in Nero.

I know this is not the media issue as i don’t have media present in the drive.

what could be wrong here? please help. i am getting frustrated… if I want to revert back to original firmware, should i just run flashfix and restore my backup?

putting a disc in your drive, then start up nero.

I placed a 8x DVD-R in the drive and Nero shows 8x and 6x in the burn speed options. So, I guess, my drive is working properly. Why am I not seeing lower speeds like 4x and 2x in case if I want to burn at lower speeds?

Is this a normal behavior?


Well, it depends on the media… e.g. AML 002 in stock firmware has only 6x and 8x speed by default… If you want to try lower speeds, you have to switch them on with the OmniPatcher. BTW, if lower speeds are not included by default there is a good chance that your support will burn better at 6x and 8x than at 4x…

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Thanks for your help, eltranquil!!

It makes sense :slight_smile:

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