1673 two differnt versions? best one to buy? (gift for dad, please help)

Apologies if this has been asked before, I browsed in the FAQ and couldn’t find the complete answers to my questions.

I am going to buy my dad a dvd burner for his birthday (I recently bought him a dv camera and he has been learning to edit). I want to get him something that will support dual layer drives (so when they become cheaper he can use them) along with dvd-r/+r. I don’t really care about re-writables.

Two drives have stuck out so far in price and quality, the 1673 and the 1633.

I assume that the 1673 is better because it is the newer version, so some specific questions about that drive.

New egg offers the same drive but with two different specs

Lite-On 16X DVD Dual Drive, Model SOHW-1673S Black - OEM
Lite-on 1673s oem

  • Specifications -

Write Speed: DVD+R DL 4X, DVD+R 16X,DVD-R 16X, DVD+RW 8X, DVD-RW 6X, CD-R 48X, CD-RW 24X
Read Speed: 48X CD-ROM, 16X DVD-ROM
Interface: ATAPI / E-IDE
Buffer: 2MB
Features: SMART-BURN, SMART-X, VAS system.DVD+R DL 4X
Packaging:OEM Bundle (see pictures for details)

Model#: SOHW-1673S BLK OEM
Item#: N82E16827106965

Rating: Vote(s): 4 Review(s): 3

Lite-On 16X, DVD Dual Layer DVD+/-RW Drive, Model SOHW-1673S Black, Retail
Lite-on 1673s black retail

  • Specifications -

Write Speed: 16X DVD+R, 8X DVD+RW, 16X DVD-R, 6X DVD-RW, 4X DVD DL, 48X CD-R, 24X CD-RW
Read Speed: 48X CD-ROM, 16X DVD-ROM
Interface: ATAPI / E-IDE
Buffer: 2MB
Features: SMART-BURN, SMART-X, VAS system.DVD+R9 4X(Double Layer Support)
Packaging: Retail Box (see pictures for details)

Model#: SOHW-1673S BK
Item#: N82E16827106966

Rating: Vote(s): 16 Review(s): 8

FedEx Saver Shipping $3.50

What is the difference between the two drives? Will they both support Dual layer writing? What is this –R9 I keep reading about. Will these two drives be able to write 4 -/+ all the way to 16x? what the best drive? Will these drives fit in a standard 5.25” drive space? Which of the two is the better model? Is there a better model out there that I should be considering? Which one makes the best dvds for home movies?

Would this drive be MAC compatible?

Thank you again, I am just unsure which drive to buy my dad and I don’t want to accidentally chose the wrong drive in order to save just a few bucks. I want to get him a drive that’ll last him a good 2-5 years if possible.

If the pictures are to be believed, the OEM is still bundled with software.

It is dual layer (+R9 at 4x), no current support for -R9 (dual layer -R media), but it might be possible for them to add it in firmware, though nothing has been announced.

They fit a standard drive bay, in fact, the “short” case style of the Liteon helps with bays that have too little cable space behind.

There are MANY better drives though… Benq, Pioneer, NEC, LG, Plextor are all better than the Liteon.

As for MAC compatible, as I understand it, all drives should be, but what you do for software, I’ve no idea.

there is no difference between the drives themselves, only the included software could be different. the 1673s will be upgradable to a 1693s, which supports 4x -r9 writing.

if you want a good bithday gift, get your father a BenQ. lower price, better drive.

@ gurnham4
Welcome:). Which 16x DVD writer should I buy? would be a good thread to check out.

I’d go for the BenQ for best-overall-out-of-box-at-this-moment.

Thank you Please for the warm welcome and for the link. I checked it and
it does look like Benq does have alot more people who are for them. They have a nice deal on a dvd burner drive by Benq,

Benq burner on Newegg.com

What do people think of this drive.

I’m interested in opinions because I bought a plextor PX-708A back when it was the new deal (and my computer guy said Plextor was great for dvd burners, and I’ve own plextor in the past for cd burning). Kinda a disapointment, burns DVD pretty well (not fantastic, some people have a hard time watching them, i’m not sure if it is because they are using it on an old dvd player or what). I just updated the firmware today so hopefully i’ll burn less coasters.

I just don’t want my dad having an issues when burning a DVD, he’s not really a computer guy so if I can get him something he can use without being frustrated, then that’s great.

So if people don’t like this drive (that i pulled off of newegg) can you think of drives that would be excellent and dummy proof?

Looks like I’m in the minority, but I’ve had 4 (still have 3) Lite-On burners over the years and the 2 week old 1673 is my favorite, burns high quality +R media with nice results at 16X, (6 min. for a full 4.7gb movie) and as you can see from this forum, Lite-On has a loyal customer base, likely due to the easy and popular firmware modding technique. I admit, some other brands are maybe less choosy about what media they are fed, but are also less up-gradeable into newer technology down the road. Read all the forums, there are probably a half dozen brands you would find suitable.

As others have mentioned there are better burners for the average computer user. I mainly use my Lite-On for testing media etc. My LG has become the workhorse burner. The newegg Benq does seen attractively priced. If it’s for a “fancy” gift, be aware that the oem drives may not come with any software, or cables or even a box. The last oem unit that Newegg sent me came in bubble wrap.

I would say, go for a LG GSA-4163B, but the Lite-On, NEC or BenQ ain’t bad drives either.

My personal favorite still is the LG GSA-4163B. DVD-RAM

I would buy the Pioneer 108…

CompUSA has the 16X Mad Dog (NEC3500) on sale for $50USD after $30 MIR. It is a good simple easy to use burner. I would update the firmware (from Mad Dog) and make sure it is bitsetting then rebox it and give it to him. I have a Benq also and they are very good burners. Again I would do the upgrades on it too and rebox it before giving it to him.

Interesting point there… how many actually release firmware updates that can be performed on a MAC?

Not being a MAC user, I don’t know of any!

Went back to CompUsa to get another 3500 for my son and although the packaging was the same the drive inside was a 3520. That’s OK with me though.

I bought one too. Do you have any experience about Maddog rebates? I bought a maddog sound car in 2004, the rebate does’t come bake, so I am worry about the Maddog rebate will come back or not, I may returu all Maddog products. :confused:

Well I’m just looking for a nice consumer burner, nothing that needs to be tweeked.

I like the Benq drive because it comes with Nero 6 express for alittle over $50 Benq

The Lg looks good too Lg burner

Too many options, :sad: I just want something that’s going to work well with a computer dummy


Check out the “Stop This Rebate Madness” thread in the Bargain Basement forum for some useful info on good and bad rebate experiences.

I have got all the rebates from Mad Dog products. Takes about 10 weeks though.

Thanks, I will return all Maddog’s products next week, waste my time :sad: