1673 s wont burn at 16x

i have a lite on 1673s and it wont burn at 16x . it spins up and nero says it is burning at 16.1x but half way through the burn it slows down to around 6x.
i verified this using dvddecrypter to burn a dvd iso. i have the latest firmware installed and use mcc004 dvd’s which are 16x max. any help in this matter would be appreciated. also it takes an average of eight minutes to burn at what it says is 16x.

What type of media are you using?

@ rtcatzrt600
Create Data Disc with Nero CD-DVD Speed - this will show graphical representation of how disc is burning - and post here. I assume your equipment (computer) is up to fast burns and you have DMA enabled on burner.

he’s using mcc004, just read his post.

i don’t know if it’s the same with your drive, but with the 1653s i can’t burn mcc004 with good quality @16x. mcc003 @8x give better results.

try other media to see if your prob is media related.
which firmware is on your drive?

hmmm, looks like you HDD is highly fragmented!!! your CPU cannot follow up that’s why your drive slows down!!!

hey Choko same here , I can’t burn MCC004 at 16x speed , well i mean results aren’t that good…What’s the best speed to use 12x 8x ? and is there any chance to change burning speed without REflashing FW ?

no, you must reflash the firmware.

it’s not possible to change the speeds directly in the flashrom… you have to reflash the firmware for every change.

i use mcc003 as they are cheaper than mcc004 and give overall better results.
or a 10-pack of unlabeled 8x +r discs for 6,90€ (mid: yuden t02). best results @16x, pi=max 2, pif= max 8. but these discs are hard to find…

i am using firmware version jsoc. my comp is 1.0 gig athlon with 768 mb ram. i defrag the drive my files to be burnt are on prior to burning. here is nero cd dvd speed result. dma is enabled on both the primary and secondary ide channel. however secondary shows device 0 ultra dma 4, device 1 ultra dma 2. primary shows device 0 ultra dma 4, device 1 not applicable. i dont necessarily want to burn at 16x all the time but would be nice to try it once or twice and compare results. thanks again for all the help.

another observation is that my hdd is on the primary ide channel while my litey is on the secondary channel both are running (set) at ultra dma4. should i maybe switch my burner onto the primary channel with the hdd? just a thought. in my earlier post i stated the ide channel assignments where device 0 on primary was hdd and device 0 on secondary was 1673 device 1 on secondary is pioneer dvd-rom.

Leave the HD & burner as they are, ie on separate IDE channels.

I suppose it could be that your HD is a little slow, I’ve not seen a UDMA4 one for some time. That’s ata66 so maybe once the DVD burner speed picks up it starts to struggle as it’s not only coping with the data transfer to the burner but is also the OS system disk. This is pure supposition mind you.

there’s no problem with your config. my hdd is master on 1st ide, dru710a is master on 2nd ide and toshiba dvd-rom is slave on same channel.

the system specs can cause problems. 1ghz is too low for 16x writing.

lol, ‘PC Required’ for 1673s is only 450mhz. for 1693s it is pentium4 1.3ghz (same as 1635s)

goto: http://www.liteonit.com/odd/English/e_product/e_dvd%20rw.asp

there are a lot of typos on the site… omg

i would think that the hdd shouldn’t be slow because it is partitioned and my files that i burn are on a different partition than the os. maybe my comp is just too slow being only 1ghz. could it be that my ide cable is only 40 pin? i have read that you need 80 pin (which is misleading because an 80 pin is only really a 40 pin with 80 conductors).it’s just frustating to have a 16x burner that wont perform as it should. is ultra dma 4 slower than ultra dma 2?
also i have a via chipset could this be causing issues? thanks again

The CPU speed, although important, does not play that big of a role. 1 GHz should be fine. Your problem is most likely the result of an IDE controller that can’t keep up. Many of the older IDE controllers are unable to go that fast (especially some of the old motherboard chipsets where the IDE is routed through the PCI bus, which really puts a crimp on speeds). Check your burst rate.

how do i check burst rate?

never mind found burst rate in nero cd/dvd speed. will post results.

incedentially i burned three dvds all mcc004 @ 8x, 12x and 16x

time took

8x 8:39
12x 8:05
16x 9:17

Strange , the higher speed the longer it take…:frowning: I’ve got same media it take me 16x around 5.30 -6 minutes…

here’s the burst rate test result what should i be looking for?

Your burst rate is very border-line. And as we can see in the burn graph you posted in post #8 of this thread, it’s adversely affecting your burner’s ability to burn. It’s too low. I don’t think that there is much that you can do about it, unfortunately, short of getting a new computer.

It is quite common for high-speed burning to take longer than low-speed burning if the drive ends up hitting rough spots at high speeds and have to struggle and/or slow down, which is what is happening in your case. The fastest stable burn speed is usually faster than the fastest unstable burn speed.

thanks so much for the info. i feared my comp might be a little obsolete. i’ve tried to upgrade without a whole new comp purchase. i guess my time just ran out. technology is sooooooo scary fast in rendering itself obsolete. thanks again

would an 80 strand ide cable make a difference?

what about pci ide controller card personally i havnt heard of one that supports optical drives but who knows there might be such

Original posted by rtcatzrt600
i would think that the hdd shouldn’t be slow because it is partitioned and my files that i burn are on a different partition than the os. maybe my comp is just too slow being only 1ghz. could it be that my ide cable is only 40 pin? i have read that you need 80 pin (which is misleading because an 80 pin is only really a 40 pin with 80 conductors).

The fact that you’ve 2 partitions on your single HD does not help. It means that the disk heads have to go back & forth over the platters when switching between OS & data files.

For your HD you really do need an 80pin cable, in fact I use nothing else regardless of whether its for HD or optical devices. Make sure you use quality cables.

Regarding the burst rate, I’d say it’s fine. That’s all l get from UDMA2 devices such as Benq 1620/LG4163 etc which are all very capable 16x burners.

The SIL based cards & those with CMD chips seem to work fine. My SIL card supports UDMA2 for my LG4163 but only MWDMA2 for my Benq.

I don’t think that’ll help though as the HD I/O is probably the bottleneck.