1673 no audio on DVD ok on CD

Liteon 1673, Win XP SP2, AMD Duron 800

Seems to burn OK both CD and DVD. DVDs play on Home DVD player sound and picture. Liteon has audio on CD, but not on DVD neither commercial movie or burned slideshow with sound which does play on home DVD player.

Video is OK just no sound

Saw similar prob on Liteon forum, but none on this one

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What kind of software are you using on your compu for playing DVD’s?

Looks like you need additional (audio) codex.

your probably not using a software thats intended for dvd playback its better to use such a software as it gives much better controls and probably even better overall quality , i recommend windvd its not free but theres a 14day trial click here , or alternatily get ac3filter and the audio will work fine on the software you use click here

Thanks for fast and correct reply - I neglected to install the included software. Works fine now