1673 Firmware

Hi all, I´ve bought a Sony DW-D26A which is a LiteOn 1673S, I want to upgrade the firmware and I´ve been searching through this forum, what I´ve found that there are two options:

1 - Last firmware is J07, to update I need mtkflash and press the button of the DVD-R while booting. Boot with boot disk and flash…
Is this procedure correct?

2 - Second option is to cross flash with 1693S firmware, using OmniPatcher before booting to flash with mtkflash.
Must I press the button while booting?
Which firmware should I use? Unscrambled or patched?

I dont want to kill my DVD-R :stuck_out_tongue:

I did this last night.

I backed up the firmware using http://upload.cdfreaks.com/ftools/firmware.exe

I backed up the eeprom using http://codeworks.cdfreaks.com/utilities/EEPROM_Utility-3.0.4.rar

I updated to 1673 using Omnipatcher with 1673S.JS07.stock.exe (unsure if this step was needed)

I crossflashed using Omnipatcher with 1693S.KS04.patched-cf.exe

No problems at all and don’t need to hold the button down.

1/ It is if you’re recovering a dead drive. But your drive hasn’t died and you’re not trying to give it mouth-to-mouth, so no, you don’t need to do that.

2a/ For crossflashing information, please read http://codeguys.rpc1.org/oc.html ; you will find detailed instructions there.

2b/ For scrambled vs. unscrambled vs. patched, please refer to this.

Edit: _spark got an answer slightly before me… to clear up the stuff in parentheses in his/her post, no, flashing to JS07 is not necessary; you can go straight from JYS2 to KS04 if you want.

When I load the 1693S.KS04.patched-cf.exe with OmniPatcher it gives the option to Change Drive ID:

Keep the current drive ID; make no changes
Change to “DVDRW DRW-3S169 KS04”
Change to “SONY DVD RW DRU-800A KS04”
Change to “SONY DVD RW DW-Q28A KS04”

Which one should I choose?
Thanks both of you for your quick replies :slight_smile:

I don’t remember that option. I downloaded http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/1693S.KS04.patched-cf.rar

Opened Omnipatcher.
Loaded 1693S.KS04.patched-cf.exe
Made sure enable cross flashing checked
Increase to 16x speed checked for faster reads, not essential though.
Saved new exe file
Double clicked new exe file and click okay
Leave to update
Restart computer when prompted
Click reset learnt media using eeprom utility.

I think those options you listed are just to change what the drive appears as in the BIOS and in windows. Someone will correct me if i’m wrong though!

Let us know how you do

keep the current driveID

The OmniPatcher readme (it’s there for a reason ;)) explains what that feature is for and when you might want to use it.

With reference to my post above, I didn’t use Omnipatcher 2.0.0, I was using 1.4.3 which is why I didn’t get that particular question.

Ummm are there 2 revisions of the 1673 drive? Ill be getting SOHW-1673S-02 in the next days and ive seen SOHW-1673S-01 in some online shops . Codeguys can i still crossflash my 1673 drive to 1693?


Are you sure that these are not just different colors?

But yes, you can still crossflash. In fact, the latest official JS07 firmware is basically identical to KS04 except with a different name and -R DL stripped out, so the firmwares are definitely interchangeable.

Ah thx codeguys for the fast reply.


the drives are the same. most shops add some numbers/letters to the model revision for different colors etc…

Hmmm wonder if this drive is as good as my old 812s@832s (burned/damaged after write fail). Thx again for the replies :bow: :smiley:

So that means there should be no advantage of flashing from JS07 to KS04 ie from SONY 26A (1673) to 1693 as I have done?

if you don’t use -r9, then there isn’t.
but it could happen that they release a new firmware for 1693s earlier than for the 1673s. this new fw will be better.

there is one -r9 mid in JS07. can’t it be used for burning -rdl?

Strange then that I got a better burn when I upgraded. Maybe because I reset the EEPROM and not to do with the new firmware.


On a historical note, the GS0F firmware for the 851S had a +R DL code (MKM001) embedded in its table (OP2 doesn’t show it, though), but GS0F couldn’t burn +R DL…

Crossflashed and everything went ok, thanks :slight_smile:

@ byte-aligned

I seem to get better results with 1673s@JS07 than crossflashed to KS04. Check these out. All are 6x burns of same file (3.1g) with MCC003 media - learnt media reset before each burn and burnt in this order - 1.2.3… (scanned on 1653s)
I’m interested to know how your burner performs.
1st burn JS07
2nd burn KS04
3rd burn JS07

hi macrobe, no problem in making some comparisions, but can you explain which program are you using and what do those graphics mean :?