1673@1693 burn issue with Ricoh!

Hi all! :slight_smile:
With my 1673@1693 i burn this DVD:

How you can see, this isn’t a good burn: too many PIF :a
I remember that with my 1633 and the same media (not same brand) i can write with Tayo Yuden similar results…

With 1673 firmware, result seems to be similar…

Can you tell me a better strategy for this media?

That is actually a good burn, though. The specs for a good burn are PI < 280 and PIF <4 for extended periods of time. So it is within specifications.

@ Viper5700

You say it’s within specs. That may be, but when I make such a burn and let a few colleges test it in their standalone players, all different brands, they either do not play or are skipping and freezing. I agree with Fuzzo, this is not a good burn.

:confused: Leo

A thing is to be in specifications, an other is to be a good burn! :iagree:
Do you know what strategy can i try with this media to improve quality? :rolleyes:

swap strat with RICOHJPNR03.

@ chok0

Will swapping the strat from RicohJPNR02 to RicohJPNR03 make any difference when burned at 8X? If so, I’ll give it a shot next time.

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I’m writing a DVD with RICOHJPNR03 strategy @16x… I’ll post scan soon as possible! :rolleyes:

RicohJPNR02@RicohJPNR03 - 16x - Alcohol 120%

Mmh… another bad burn :a

If i wirite a disc with 03 strat @ 8x, may be different from 02 strat? :confused:

I’d hardly call that a bad burn, especially as you’re burning it at 2x it’s rated speed! I’d be quite happy with that.

come on mate …is all good burn jsut the PIF is abit higher …

mm what brand is your RicohjpnR02??..i only use the orginal Ricoh media…with Rioch brand on my BENQ 1620 with PIF only 500 on 16x

I use Platinum, brought here

Higher PIF is @8x :eek: :confused:

Fuzzo, if you need to be convinced that these burns are good, you can do two things. Use Nero CD-DVD Speed to do a transfer rate test and a surface scan test. If both of these pass without any errors then you have nothing to worry about ;).

Well I think your burns are really good. Try to scan a pressed DVD5 and show us the result. Maybe your colleges’ standalone players are just crap :slight_smile:

One other thing worth a try is to set the booktype to -ROM by using the Liteon BookType/BitSetting Tool v1.35. This should help make the discs play better in your colleagues players. :wink:

I know that these discs are not bad but i’m worry because the number of PIF are too high (specially compared with TY discs…) :sad:
I also bought Ricoh few months ago (Fujifilm brand) and the PIF number was similar with TY :iagree:

With 1673/1693 an 8x writing starts @ 5.5x… why my old 1633 start immediatly @ 8x? :confused:

@ Pac

After burning a backup dvd-movie I always make a KProbe scan first. Normally the scan is good, PIFs 1-2, sometimes occasional 3. Then I check the disk in my standalone, a very picky eBench KH 6777. All of my (4x) burns were always perfect. Lately I tried to burn 8x with RicohJPNR02, fw BS0S. It started out really good, but the last part of the burn was a mountain, both in Pi and Pif, so the standalone froze on that spot. I tried CSTJ, CS0K but both firmwares produced PIF spikes to 4, resulting in occasional freezing. The best firmware for me so far is CS0M, it’s the only one that gave me a perfect burn at 8x. I let my colleagues test my dvd’s just to verify my own findings. At the moment I burn my backups at 4x, I want highest quality and I take my time to do it. :bigsmile:

@ C0deKing

From the moment BS0S came out last Christmas I changed the booktype to DVD-ROM and (to my surprise) it did’nt change back since. With CS0K, CSTJ and CS0M the setting in the EEPROM stayed DVD-ROM. :cool:

:smiley: Leo

If I enable 4x speed writing for RICOHJPNR02, can I have better results? :confused:
At this time, i prefer quality instead of speed :iagree:

@ Fuzzo

Don’t think that will be nescessary. Besides that your firmware will probably not allow 4x burns for this media. Here is a scan from a 6x burn I did with CS0M :bigsmile:

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With my old 1633 my Ricoh was like your scan :a