1673 @ 1693 16x issue



A bit worried here, slightly strange problem occuring with 1673s cf’d to 1693s omnipatched. the cf patch works fine with no options ticked except for cross flashing, but everytime i tried with the 16x option the drive makes a funny noise (sounds like the laser unit is bouncing up and down similar to a woodpecker sound but eventually the disc picks up as normal this only happens while reading) this has only been a problem for my Dwrite titanium MCC 02RG20(-R). Any other disc like a dwrite classic +r prodisc03 are fine.

PI/PIF are a bit higher with 16x enabled, but thought it was to be expected with higher read speeds. im sorry but at the minute i dont have any kprobes images or nero cd-dvd speed test images to show. i will get some tommorrow if need be.

I havent yet tried flAShing with 12x option should i try this?


16x gives bad reading. 12x is recommended.
Anyway, 16x reading gives higher overall speed.


thanks i will try 12x

Without C0deKing, I will certainly never buy Liteon’s stuff!

i’d agree totally with that. + the error checking capability