166s speed limit removed firmware

I know the patched firmware allow faster reading speed on various media, such as -r/w, but does this affect CD-r/w as well? or only DVD-R/W?

Only DVD

ic, is it possible to patch it so that cd-rw can be read faster too?

code65536 did this patch, but I would have to say, sorry no…

may I ask why?

I don’t have any CD-RWs with me at the moment (use DVD+RW for all my RW needs)… so I can’t verify this… is the CD-RW read speed even limited? And if it is, it’s likely that it’s limited for a good reason… RW discs are harder to read than R discs, and that could be the reason.

is DVD-RW easier to read than CD-RW then?

I just tested the reading speed of CD-RW(10x) using nero CD Speed, it started at 10.90x and ends up 18.73x at 41:49.24, if this CD is full, it might ends up somewhere around 24x to 26x? is this considered speed limited?

Yah, it’s limited. 1/2 speed. DVD RW speeds are limited to 1/2, too. It can probably be patched, but I’ve been very busy lately, so it could be a while before I get down to that part of my to-do list.

alright, thanks man.

I am in no hurry, so take your time. :iagree: